2008 Summary

Our football season ended one game too early.  We lost in the semi final playoffs to our rival, Highlands Ranch Mustangs, which eventually won our league’s Super Bowl, the Carnation Bowl.  Overall we had a great season, #1 offense and #3 defense in our Division, and Conference Champs with a 7-1 regular season record.  We also…

The Head Coach’s Son; Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports #1 Popular Parent Topic

I am sure many will argue that there is favoritism in youth football. I will agree too. After 30 seasons coaching youth football and other youth sports, there is a ton of favoritism. Daddy ball is alive and well, and in my analysis is why many youth football teams lose in our youth football league….

Winning Youth Football – A Step by Step Plan – Book / DVDs

Last night, I received my, Winning Youth Football – A Step by Step Plan, book and DVDs by Dave Cisar at http://www.winningyouthfootball.com.  My set includes the book, and three DVDs; Dominating Offensive Line Play, Developing a Smothering Defense and 2007 Season Full Games.  After reading half the book and watching parts of the DVDs, my initial…

Play for Fun, but Winning is Funner
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Play for Fun, but Winning is Funner

“Play for Fun but Win for the Team!” is my youth tackle football team’s slogan for the 2008 Arvada Youth Football Association’s Pirates. After a Flag game loss in 2007, my 9 year old players taught me they like having fun but not if they are going to lose. They really want to win, because we…