Coaching Youth Parents

I am not trying to be funny with the title of this post.  In today’s environment, a youth coach must pay as much attention to the players’ parents as much he does to the players on the field.  Unlike my parents 30 years ago, today’s parents are much more involved in their children’s lives.  And… Read More

Favoritism in Youth Sports

Since my last favoritism post is the most read and the post I get the most email about,  I thought I would try and answer some of the emails in this post.  I agree that there is favoritism at all levels of youth sports.  I also think that each coach has a different set of… Read More

Colorado Youth Football Coaching Clinic

I just got back from the Colorado Youth Football Coaching Clinic hosted by our league.  I was very impressed with the clinic.  We spent two hours outside learning position drills and 2 hours of classroom.  Here are a few tidbits I picked at the youth football coaches clinic: Defensive Line When you call slant, line… Read More

Player / Parent Policy Letter

At our football team’s parent meeting before the season, I hand out a Player / Parent Policy that defines our expectaions of the player and parent during the season.  Here is a rough copy of what I hand out at my meeting.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your Parent Policy Letter… July 27,… Read More

Which Offense for Youth Football?

There are so many football offenses these days to choose from, Spin, Double Wing, Single Wing, I-Formation, Power I, Straight T, Wishbone, Pro Set, and more, but which one works best in youth football?  In our Colorado Pee Wee Tackle football league, there is not one definitive offensive leader.  I have seen everyone run all… Read More

Winning Youth Football – A Step by Step Plan – Book / DVDs

Last night, I received my, Winning Youth Football – A Step by Step Plan, book and DVDs by Dave Cisar at  My set includes the book, and three DVDs; Dominating Offensive Line Play, Developing a Smothering Defense and 2007 Season Full Games.  After reading half the book and watching parts of the DVDs, my initial… Read More