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Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Drill – Pee Wee Football Drill

I’ve got another pee wee football drill that I thought we would get into today and this drill is the Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Drill for running backs. This is a great drill to teach youth football running backs to hit the hole without stutter stepping and hit the hole quickly and not try to read the hole for very long otherwise they’re going to get tackled from behind.

In the drill, you set up a tackler to tackle the running back from behind running the football through a gauntlet drill, half line or full scrimmage.

fox chase rabbit youth football drill

To teach running backs to hit the hole hard and quick and not stutter step before hitting the hole.

Set Up:
Set up your favorite running back gauntlet drill or use one similar to below. Or you can use half line or full line in a scrimmage situation. Have a chase man (Fox) ready by a coach about 5 to 7 yards behind the ball carrier. Ball carrier or the Rabbit will run to hole and coach will release the Chaser or Fox to tag or tackle the Ball Carrier from behind. You can also have a second Fox chase the Rabbit ball carrier to the Ladder / Sidelines as an extra to the drill.

Coaching Points:

• Make sure to describe to your RBs how the drill works.
• Run the drill as a walk through tag before going live.
• Fox tackler should be smaller than ball carrier
• Fox should not tackle low but basically grab waist of ball carrier.
• Ball carrier should not slow down or stutter step at hole.
• We like ball carriers to cut once through the hole
• Adjust depth and speed of Fox with coach timing the release

For more about the pee wee football drill watch the video below.

Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Running Back Drill

I hope you enjoyed the Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Running Back pee wee football drill.  Do you use a drill similar for your running backs.  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.

Let me know if you have a favorite drill and maybe I will highlight it on my social media channels.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Ft. Worth / DFW Metro



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Running the Ladder Drill for RBs – Youth Football Drills

Today’s youth football drill is running the Ladder Drill for Running Backs. If you guys are like me I’ve got a lot of backs that for whatever reason when they break through the hole they decide to cut back to the inside right into the heart of the defense. Sometimes that works out for them, especially if it’s an aggressive over pursuing defense. But, I see so many backs cut right back into the Mike linebacker, or other inside linebackers and the nine Defensive guys that are the heart of the Defense.  I don’t know how many touchdowns we have missed due to these cut back errors. I just hit myself on the forehead because the back decided to cut back to the inside as soon as he broke through the hole and saw some daylight but then he sees one little small corner back there gets afraid it cuts back into the three linebackers.  Based on these frustrations, I came up with this Ladder Drill.

I’d heard an NFL running back talk about run the ladder; getting down the sidelines for a TD, so I came up with this drill to teach my backs to break to the sidelines and score.  The ladder is the yard hash lines on the sidelines between out of bounds and the numbers painted on the field.  This drill will teach the running backs to break into the open and weave over to the numbers and ladder.

Ladder Drill for Running Backs

Youth Football Drills - Ladder Drill

Purpose:  To teach running backs that are running outside the B gap to stop cutting back into the inside and heart of the Defense.  They should learn to weave outside to the near sideline and run the ladder 3 yards from sideline to score.

Set Up: Rings or Cones set up to simulate one side of the Offensive Line.  3 coaches / dads / players to hold bags to simulate defense.  1 coach to simulate the block on the contain man.  Coach or Center can snap the football to the running back.

Coaching Points:

  • Do not let RBs cut back to the inside on this drill
  • The RBs should weave toward the near sideline
  • RBs should use stiff arms in open field – attack outside D shoulder
  • RBs will read butt of blocker at the contain point cut up or outside
  • Football needs to be incorrect position for stiff arms
  • All RBs should run through this drill
  • 95% of the time try to get to the ladder only a few cases to cut back inside
  • Do not get too close to sideline at least one yard away
  • Might want to teach RBs the 3/5 yard line cut back to mess with pursuing Defender

For more about the youth football drill; Running the Ladder, watch the video….

Again, this is the Running the Ladder Drill for Running Backs. I hope you guys have enjoyed the video.  This drill has been very effective for our pee wee football ball carriers.

Remember to play for fun and winning is funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW / Fort Worth, Texas

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Beast Tank Rushing Pod Youth Football Drill

Beast Offense Drill

Today we’re going to do a youth football drill. This drill was sent in by one of the coaches that purchased my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook. I also used to coach his oldest son. This past Fall season, his Grapevine Colleyville team started running the PWBO offense and won their leagues Super Bowl over Southlake / Carrol which is a big football powerhouse in our area.

His team ran the Power Wing Beast Offense really well. I watched his Super Bowl and had tears in my eyes from his team was running the Power Wing Beast Offense so well. I was so proud.

I want to thank Coach Steve Mason with Grapevine Colleyville Mustang Panthers for sending this drill into me. If you guys have a drill that you are using with my system please send it over to me. I’ll highlight it on my YouTube channel and blog. Again, thanks to Coach Steve Mason.

He said he developed this drill to help his backs new to the Beast Offense how to run the Beast Tank Power Play. I’ve run something similar in the past but since he developed this Power Point Slide I thought I would share this with you.

Pee Wee Football Drill for Offense

Beast Tank Rushing Pod Drill

This purpose of this drill is to teach Beast ball carriers to attack the tank hole and run tight to the offensive line players; Run tight down the line against the blockers pads hitting the tank hole at full speed.

Set Up: Rings are set up to display the O-line. Agility bags are layed down for the back to hug down the line. Volunteer coaches will hold some blocking pads to hit the runner as he gets through the hole and then there’s some coaches that are going to roll tackle wheels at about four or five yards to simulate a linebacker and cornerback kind of blitzing. There’s going to be a cone set up about 10 10 yards away which he’ll cut outside. Usually run with your running backs and Center. You want your Center to get a ton of reps.

For more watch the video…..

Thanks again to Coach Steve Mason for putting that drill together and submitting it to me ready made.  That really helps out.  If you are running the Power Wing Beast Offense then you should check this drill out.

I hope you guys enjoyed the drill.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller / Fort Worth / DFW Texas


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Running Back Gauntlet Drill- Youth Football Drills

The Running Back Gauntlet drill is one of my top youth football drills for teaching pee wee football players to hold on to the football. This drill is great to run early in the season to help find your running backs and also if one of your RBs starts to fumble the football.

The purpose of this little league football drill is to stress the importance of a good hand off and securing the football by the ball carriers. The Ball Carrier must protect the football while staying low with a good forward lean and drive with legs through bags and protect ball as ball carrier runs through the strippers keeping his eyes up to make a good cut on the bags and then speed up to beat one tackler to the goal line.

For a direct link follow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvD0ULuaFRQ

For more drill visit my page on youth football drills.

Sta tuned as I develop more free coaching videos for drills, offense and defense.  You can check out my YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/c/stephenparker

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW



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