Tackle Football Baseball Youth Football Drill

Here is another free youth football coaching video on my version of the Team Tackle Football Baseball drill for youth football players.  My team this season absolutely loved this team competition drill.  This was our most requested drill to run in practice.  I’ve seen this drill run by other coaches over the last 10 years or so and this was the first season I added it to my youth football practices.  I am so glad i did too.  Enjoy the video.

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Team Football Tackle Baseball Drill

  • Two Teams
    • Captains Pick Teams
    • Batters / Blockers – Batting Team – Off
    • Tacklers – Fielding Team – Def
    • Coaches are Umpires
  • Baseball Base Running Rules
    • Traditional Diamond
    • Tilted Rectangle Harder to Score Home
  • Game is 3 to 5 Innings
    • All start on the whistle
    • 3 outs per inning
    • Fumble is an Out and 1 pt for Def Team
    • Tackled before touching base is an Out
    • Flagrant penalty by blocker is an Out
    • Flagrant Penalty by Def is 2 bases
  • Scoring Similar to Baseball
    • Runner Scores at Home plate for 1 point
    • RB Fumble is 1 pt for Defense
    • Coaches score each play / Inning
  • Players must stay square to Mound
    • No Lead Offs
    • Def – 2 Tacklers
    • Off – 1 Blocker and 1 RB
  • Winners get Water First
    • Losing Team 10 Up Downs

Tackle football baseball drill

Here’s an update to the first video

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  1. Can players take more than one base…and decide where to stop as they run the bases? If players are “on base” can tacklers decide to tackle the player trying to advance to the next base instead of the guy going to first? Sort of “fielder’s choice”? Just seems like it might get chaotic if one tackler goes to get a guy going from second to third and another goes to try to get the guy going from home to first. Looks like a great drill, though!!!

    1. The batter /Runner goes and and all base runners can only take one base. Then a new batter comes up and then once he goes everyone can take a base. Tacklers switch out with each new batter / runner. The tacklers can decide who to tackle. Pretty much you want to tackle the advanced base runner especially if they are on third base.

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