Youth Football Scrimmage Highlights

Our KYA youth football game today is rained out, so I thought I would write a post about our first scrimmage on 8/25/18. We had a pretty good first outing on Offense and Defense. I would grade us a B+. Rookies need some work but good surprises from many new experienced players to our system. … Read More

No Huddle Offense – Wrist Coach – Youth Football

I’ve been using wrist coaches with our youth football offenses for the last 5 or 6 years.  I personally like the Neumann youth wrist coach that has three windows.  This year we wanted to go to a no huddle offense and I developed a verbal call system using the wrist coach. Here’s an example: This… Read More

Spin Offense Spin Back QB Footwork

I found a video on youtube of a single wing spinner series of footwork for the spinner back.  The footwork in the video is very similar to what we use for our QBs in the Spin.  We take a shorter first step toward the line.  We rep the plays on air at least 30 minutes… Read More

Spin Offense Video – 5th Grade

I have been getting several requests lately for video of our Spin Offense.  We have been running the Spin Offense for two years, 4th and 5th grade youth football.  Here are a few clips.        The Spin offense has worked great for us.  We run the Spin and a variation of Coach Cisar’s… Read More

Does your Starting QB play defense too?

Several youth football coaches I spoke with recently do not allow their starting quarterback to play defense more than just a few plays a game, if that.  I do not allow my QB to play defense but maybe a few plays in a game now and then.  I also do not allow live hitting on… Read More

Which Offense for Youth Football?

There are so many football offenses these days to choose from, Spin, Double Wing, Single Wing, I-Formation, Power I, Straight T, Wishbone, Pro Set, and more, but which one works best in youth football?  In our Colorado Pee Wee Tackle football league, there is not one definitive offensive leader.  I have seen everyone run all… Read More

Beast Offense Formation Video

The Beast Offense is a great youth offense.  My other Beast offense post was getting a ton of visitors today, so I hit Google to see if my page was ranked high, and I found this video on the Beast offense.  In the video, Scotts Branch uses the Beast as their starting formation then shifts… Read More

Rule Blocking Vocabulary for Youth Football Offenses

Many youth football coaches have heard GOD, GOO, MOMA, and GOL, but what do they mean?  They refer to blocking rules.  Here are a few rule blocking terms that you should include in your offensive blocking vocabulary. GAP – refers to space between the linemen.   GAP rule is block GAP toward the ball or playside for Center.  On… Read More

Spin Offense Reverse Left

Here’s another one of our Spin Offense plays from my Arvada Pirate youth football playbook, the Spin Reverse Left.    This play is usually a huge gainer or TD for us.  It devastates a defense.  See below. Spin Offense Reverse Left The play starts out just like the Spin Sweep and is set up by the… Read More