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Youth Football Scrimmage Highlights

pee wee football at KYA in KellerOur KYA youth football game today is rained out, so I thought I would write a post about our first scrimmage on 8/25/18. We had a pretty good first outing on Offense and Defense. I would grade us a B+. Rookies need some work but good surprises from many new experienced players to our system.  Since we jumped up an age Division with many older players, we drafted a whole new team for the Fall trying to increase our age and experience levels of the team.  We did draft one or two returners from our last two Rams’ seasons that moved up into the older age Division but were still younger than most in the older Division. Other than losing our top lineman pick to a broken leg before the first practice (seriously bad luck), I think our draft strategy was pretty sound.  We looked good in our first scrimmage outing.  Below are some of our pee wee football 9 and 10 year old scrimmage highlights.  Enjoy.

Youth Football Offense Highlights

Coach Whit is the Offensive Coordinator this season. He is running Beast Tight, Beast Worm, Angl, Pie and his Dragon formation which is very similar to the Beast Jumbo formation.  Many of these formations and plays are in the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.  We are looking into more of the Speed formation as the season progresses.  We have a good experienced core of running backs that should be able to run these formations with success.  We just need more time and reps to gel and get our timing down.  We may have one of the best Offensive lines that we have coached in a long time.  I am coaching the OLM so I am very excited to be a part of this great group of linemen.

Youth Football Defense Highlights

I am the Defensive Coordinator this season. We are running my Pirate 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. We have a great group of aggressive Defenders this season. I was very happy with the first scrimmage. We ran the 62 Wide Tackle Defense along with the 62 Tight Tackle and the 62 Double Wide Defense. We had good success with the Double Wide scheme against this team.  I am looking forward to a fun season coaching Defense.

How is your pee wee football season going so far?  Are you running any of my offense or defense schemes?  I would love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment below or Contact Me.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Ft. Worth TX / North Texas

I have started using the APEMAN Action Camera 4K  for video.  Pretty cool little camera on Amazon for around $60.  Tons of accessories too.  Comes with a water proof case. Much cheaper than a GoPro and not too expensive if you break it. I also ordered a chest harness and head strap for $10 too.  Check it out.



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No Huddle Offense – Wrist Coach – Youth Football

I’ve been using wrist coaches with our youth football offenses for the last 5 or 6 years.  I personally like the Neumann youth wrist coach that has three windows.  This year we wanted to go to a no huddle offense and I developed a verbal call system using the wrist coach.

Here’s an example:

wrist coach youth football offense

Wrist Coach

This wrist coach is for the FB.  The first four columns are the verbal calls from the sidelines.  So each play has 5 verbal calls; actual play name and the aliases.  The next column is the play name and the last column is a quick assignment reminder for that position.  The four backs stand together and read the wrist coaches and break to their positions.  The offensive line coach calls the line calls and the lineman adjust on the line before the backs break.  We’ve installed an audible for a snap count change.

We are still working out some kinks and this system may be better suited to 4th graders and up, but I like it so far.  We used it in the first half of last weeks game with similar results as me standing in the huddle in the second half.  So, I would say it has merit to continue to test.  I had to enter the huddle after half due to the wind.  The backs could not hear the verbal calls from the sidelines.  I needed a Magna Doodle suggested by Coach Reed.

In Denver, we used wrist coaches but we sent in the plays using 3 fullbacks, calling the play#.  I like the added assignment column to the wrist coach this year.

Also, the kids love the wrist coaches.  It makes them feel special.  They all want to wear one.

If you have any ideas and or ways your team uses wrist coaches, send me an email or reply to this post.

Play of Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX

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Spin Offense Spin Back QB Footwork

I found a video on youtube of a single wing spinner series of footwork for the spinner back.  The footwork in the video is very similar to what we use for our QBs in the Spin.  We take a shorter first step toward the line. 

We rep the plays on air at least 30 minutes each practice, more time earlier in the season.  The timing is critical to the success of the exchanges from QB to running backs.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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Spin Offense Video – 5th Grade

I have been getting several requests lately for video of our Spin Offense.  We have been running the Spin Offense for two years, 4th and 5th grade youth football.  Here are a few clips. 




The Spin offense has worked great for us.  We run the Spin and a variation of Coach Cisar’s Single Wing offense.  Last season we had a total of 1300 yards rushing and passing.  We had the #1 scoring offense in our youth football Division with close to 300 points in 8 regular season games.  We are a heavily scouted team, since we had the number 2 offense and runner up in playoffs the prior season, and we were still able to achieve a number offense ranking in our little league football Division.

I think the SPIN offense is very simple to learn and easy for youth football players to understand.  And its FUN.  I would even install for a 2nd grade team pee wee team. 

I will post more video in the next few months, so you can see how it works in game situations. 

Play for FUN and Winning is FUNNER!


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