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The Beast Offense is a great youth offense.  My other Beast offense post was getting a ton of visitors today, so I hit Google to see if my page was ranked high, and I found this video on the Beast offense.  In the video, Scotts Branch uses the Beast as their starting formation then shifts into a Double Wing.  This is pretty sweet.  I may implement this, since we run the Beast and a variation of the Double Wing, the Spin Offense.  Enjoy.

If you read my other post on the Beast Offense, I call the Beast set Scott Branch is in, Power Rowdy.

Good Luck this season.

Update 6/1/2020

Here are some Beast Plays from the Power Wing Beast Offense

You can check out all the Power Wing Beast Offense video on my YouTube Channel or purchase the PWBO playbook.

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  1. I am wondering, at what point does the offense shift without getting called for illegal motion? I can’t tell from the video.

  2. Hi,
    I am a coach for the Glen Ellyn Eagles in the Bill George Football League in Illinois. I use both the “Wildcat” and “Bullfrog” offenses.
    This offense may be added to my teams arsenal.
    We have only lost once in all 5 years I have coached this team. Maybe you should show the “Wildcat” and “Bullfrog” offenses on this site. Or try and advertise them.
    The Miami Dolphins use the “Wildcat” but I can’t recall any team that uses the “Bullfrog”

  3. I am wondering why an illegal shift penalty is not called when the Beast shifts to a double wing. I use the double wing and would like to try the Beast formation.

      1. The offense can shift any way they want prior to being set. In this case the quarter back hasnt started the cadence yet so they might as well be breaking from the huddle.

  4. his ” beast offense” is a joke. I watched last weekend as the coach on my sons team tryed to run it. After the first play the opposing team shifted linebackers to the offenses strong side and blew up every play in the back field. Even if your qb runs away from the power all the other team needs is a sure tackling defensive end and or corner who stay home. Aliquippa 34 freedom 0…freedom ran the beast and aliquipa just ran out of a full house power I ISO double wing and etc. This was a game between 5 6 and 7 year old boys, if the figure out how to stop it after one play then any coach with accsess to game films should destroy it prior to game day!!!!

    1. First off it is Yale’s version of the single wing from way back. I have run the Beast many years with great success. The Beast is NEVER my only offensive formation. I usually have two or three offensive formations as with defense. For the very scouting reason you mentioned, we are a multiple offense and defense team.

      I know I have seen many coaches in my league run the Beast and they have not figured out the blocking both with the offensive line and running backs. I am not sure the Beast plays your coach installed or his blocking schemes, so I really can not comment on what went wrong. Plus, sometimes you run into a very good team and get beat no matter what offense you run.

      It sounds like your defense had a majority of the issue if the team scored 34 points. If your opponent does not score then the game is a tie, so your team’s problems were probably more than just offense and the Beast formation.

      Have your coach email me about the formation if he needs some pointers.

      Steve Parker

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