Assisting to be a better Head Coach in Youth Football

You must learn how to serve first to be a great leader.  I’ve always heard that philosophy but I was not a true believer until this football season in Keller Tx just North of Ft Worth.  I moved to Keller this past summer and was too late for a Head Coaching spot.  The HC of… Read More

More Reps! No standing in line for youth players

Its football season again in Texas.  The heat is melting my brain under my Dallas Coyboys Cap, the cow pastures they call practice fields are hard as concrete and my tan is better than it was in Colorado.  Not that my tan has anything to do with youth football in Texas, but a lot of youth… Read More

Competition is Good for our Youth

I’ve been getting a few emails lately about why certain players start or what is my stance on minimum play rules or we should not let our youth players play for Select / Draft teams because it limits their growth as a person.  To be honest, I am old school on the issue of competition. … Read More

Favoritism in Youth Sports

Since my last favoritism post is the most read and the post I get the most email about,  I thought I would try and answer some of the emails in this post.  I agree that there is favoritism at all levels of youth sports.  I also think that each coach has a different set of… Read More

Sidelined by Move to Keller, TX

Its been awhile since my last post.  In June, My wife accepted a job in Ft Worth TX as a Tax CPA, so we have been packing and moving from Denver to Ft Worth the last two months.  We now live in Keller, Texas just north of Ft Worth, and my sons play football for… Read More

The Mental Game of Football

Since my son is playing baseball this year, I visited John Reed’s site the other day to read a few of his baseball articles and order his baseball book.  Coach Reed’s football books and articles are great, and I wanted to see what he had to say about baseball.   I read through his baseball articles and… Read More

Spin FB Gut Cut Back Play

One of the base Spin plays to keep the defense honest is the Spin FB Gut Cut Back.  After running the Spin Sweep, Reverse and Counters, the defense is likely to shift wide and open up the middle.  This is when I like to run the Spin FB Gut.  Spin Offense – Fullback Gut Cut… Read More

Football Principles and Play – Books

I recently bought four out of print football books: 1) Radar Blocking by Leo Hand published in 1985 2) Football Principles and Play by David M Nelson published in 1962 3) Sports Illustrated Book of Football published in 1960 4) Defensive Football by Louis R. Oshins published in 1949 The latter book by Oshins is… Read More