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Coaching Youth Parents

I am not trying to be funny with the title of this post.  In today’s environment, a youth coach must pay as much attention to the players’ parents as much he does to the players on the field.  Unlike my parents 30 years ago, today’s parents are much more involved in their children’s lives.  And…

Youth Coaching

Favoritism in Youth Sports

Since my last favoritism post is the most read and the post I get the most email about,  I thought I would try and answer some of the emails in this post.  I agree that there is favoritism at all levels of youth sports.  I also think that each coach has a different set of…

Youth Coaching

Coaching Youth Football

I love coaching youth football and other youth sports.  It amazes me the spectrum of coaches.  I guess I should not be surprised since the majority of us are parent volunteers.  And some of the unlucky few, defaulted into the coaching spot because the assigned coach got busy with work or resigned for some other reason. …

Youth Coaching

Bad Motivational Technique

Last week, I heard from a fellow pee wee coach from another youth football league across this great football nation.   He wanted to let me know about a motivational situation on one of his friend’s teams that went wrong.  It seems a parent and or coach from a rival team sent letters to their own players…

Youth Coaching

Minimum Play Players, Favoritism, & Parents

I planned to write about defense today, but I received an email last night which begs me to address minimum play players, favoritism and parents in today’s blog post.  My coaches and I rank our players each week and use these rankings to determine who will start and what positions they will play.  I develop a depth…