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I started writing the Single Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays SW Offense eBook about a year ago when I began researching all the SW formations from the past. Many of you know I have written a book on the Beast Yale Single Wing, The Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for youth football. The PWBO has several flavors of SW formations within its bones but tackling the UBSW and traditional Single Wing Offense was a challenge. At the time I was not sure I wanted to tackle the The Six and I am still a little anxious about the results. But hopeful!!!

The Selected Youth Football Plays series of eBook is a series of top youth football formations and 50 plays or so for each formation. After doing research on the Single Wing and I guess my nerves the number of SW plays grew to 200. They are great plays too. So, the eBook is about 350 pages long with about 7 or 9 SW formations / player alignments.

Here is a break down of the SW plays in the eBook below….

Number of Single Wing Plays 200

  • 33 – UBSW Plays
  • 7 – Buck Plays
  • 8 – Even SW Plays
  • 77 – Spinner Plays
  • 17 – Hydra Beast Plays
  • 15 – Cake Alpha Blocker Plays
  • 16 – Jet Motion Plays
  • 8 – Box Plays
  • 38 – Single Wing Pass Plays
  • 10 – Beast / Wildcat Plays

I ran the UBSW playbook heavily in 2007 along with the ND Box Single Wing Offense. I like them both but since we were running the Double Wing and the Beast Offense, somehow for us the BOX formation fit better for our team. Over the years, the Double Wing, Box / Cake and Beast Formation has stuck with me. But I am always curious what exactly the traditional Single Wing series offers.

After doing my Single Wing research for this eBook, many of the DW formation plays we run are UBSW plays too, especially in the Spinner series. Plus, there were so many flavors of the Single Wing formation from different coaches that I came across. That’s when I decided to tackle the Single Wing ebook since what might be Traditional UBSW is not the only Single Wing from the past. Everyone in the past was experimenting with their own SW versions. So this is my Multi SW Formation journey into the Single Wing Offense.

The more traditional SW plays in the eBook are influenced heavily by Pop Warner, Robert Zuppke, Dana Bible, James Tatum & Warren Giese, Bernie Bierman, Biggie Munn and David Nelson. The Spinner series is influenced from my DW heroes Dale Weiner, Jerry Vallotton, Jack Gregory and Coach Wyatt and of course some of the Single Wing guys too. You can find them all in the Appendix under Resources.

SW Playbook Video Walk Thru

I threw in some Jet plays from memory because I know some youth Coaches like the Jet vs Orbit motion I run from Spinner series and it is great for WB Counters. The two SW Jet formations are also a little different than normal SW formations that I have seen over the years.

The Hydra Beast Beta Blockers and the Cake Alpha Blocker are my own SW formation inventions that I have been messing around with since 2012. And even since 1994 with Beast Tight vs Beast Wide and Beast Jumbo / Spread. Moving the blocking backs around in Beast, Cake / Fat and Pie formation has been very successful for me at the youth football. I just spoke to a friend in Denver and someone was running Cake against him in Denver, and they had trouble stopping it. Moving Beta Blockers work. Give it a good look.

sw formations hydra and cab

Single Wing Formation Plays eBook

  • 200+ Single Wing Formation Plays,
  • SW Offense eBook 350 pages
  • Includes Top Single Wing Plays
  • Several Different Single Wing Offenses
  • Easily Create Single Wing Playbook
  • Even SW Plays
  • UBSW Plays / Playbook
  • SW Spinner Plays
  • JET SW Series
  • New SW Formation CAB
  • New Beast SW Formation Hydra
  • Multi SW Formation Schemes
  • Multiple Single Wing series
  • 10 Plays from my Beast Offense too
  • Digital pdf Single Wing playbook PowerPoint
  • Downloadable Single Wing Playbook pdf
  • Printable SW eBook

The Single Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays eBook is a PowerPoint file digitized into an Adobe pdf format. Unfortunately you are unable to edit the PowerPoint slides but you can print them and share them.

My Single Wing Formation Base 8 +1

I use the Base 8 to describe my 8 base plays that I teach/coach. I started this with the Power Wing Beast Offense. The Base 8 plus 1 is how many plays will fit on a PowerPoint Slide so it works out nice and organized. Here is my Base 8 +1. These are the 8 base plays everyone should learn first then move on from there to the Sweet 16 which is outlined in the SW eBook too.

single wing formation base 8 plays parker

The Sweet 16 Round Out

The 16 Round Out finishes with some of the Spinner plays and more sophisticated Single Wing plays. The Sweet 16 really is 18 plays so I think this is a great set of base Single Wing plays for any youth offense team to use.

  1. Swing Left Motion 444 Counter
  2. Tweak Left Motion 129 Power Lead Sweep
  3. Tweak Left Motion 119 Power Lead Stretch
  4. Hydra Left b$c– 225 Power Dive
  5. CAB Left b$e 229 Power Lead Stretch
  6. Arrow Left 3Jet 129 Lead Pitch Sweep
  7. UBSWL 23@ Reverse
  8. SW RT Even 3dMo 488 YTE Pop Pass
  9. SW Lt 3WR 3Crkmo Fly 429 Pitch TB Opt Pass

Yes, I know the Sweet 16 is made up of multiple formations. I like multiple formations and Multi has worked for me for two decades at the youth level. Keep it simple for rookie and younger teams but experienced teams can do a ton. Expect more or get less. You get what you Coach.

And yes, I know I can win with 4 plays but who wants to do that every game? The Spinner and Beta Blockers play series are so much fun to watch.

Single Wing Formation eBook Table of Contents

For those interested here is the Table of Contents.

  • 8 Offensive Strategy & Goals
  • 11 Single Wing Positions and Players
  • 14 Blocking
  • 20 RB Blocking and Faking
  • 27 RB Adjustments, Actions, & Motions
  • 35 Single Wing Formations / Alignments
  • 44 Single Wing Formation Tags
  • 51 Single Wing Plays
  • 52 Start Here – Base 8 Plays +1 / Sweet 16
  • 73 UBSW Run Plays
  • 108 Buck Run Plays
  • 117 SW Even Set / SeW Run Plays
  • 127 Spinner Run Plays
  • 207 Hydra Beast Beta Blockers Run Plays
  • 230 CAB Run Plays
  • 248 Jet Motion Run Plays
  • 266 Shifted Box Run Plays
  • 276 Single Wing Pass Plays
  • 316 PWBO Beast / Cake / Pie Plays
  • 328 Passing Tree / Combo Routes
  • 331 Play Call / Snap Count / No Huddle / Audibles
  • 336 Youth Defenses
  • 338 Youth Football Drills
  • 342 Blank Field Templates
  • 346 Appendix

If you have read this far use coupon code 3offsw and save $3 on your purchase of the Single Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker eBook.

I hope you enjoy the eBook. I worked hard on it and think it has some great Single Wing plays inside. There are at least 5 to 10 plays any youth football offensive coach can use, especially if they coach the Single Wing Offense. I know I am looking forward to working with the Hydra Beast and CAB Beta Blockers in the Multi Single Wing Formations.

Do you run the Single Wing Formation or interested in SW Formation plays for youth football? What youth football offense do you use for your pee wee football team? Is there an offensive formation you would like me to draw up for another youth football plays ebook in pdf? Let me know.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the Single Wing Formation plays for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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