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This is part 2 of the Youth Football Terms 10 Vocabulary Words for Pee Wee Football podcast. I have 10 more football terms to define so we can add to our American football terminology glossary. Part One is youth football vocabulary.

youth football terms podcast part 2

10 Football Terms

  1. Line of Scrimmage – 2 Imaginary horizontal parallel lines to the goal line running across the field at the spot of the football. One line is the forward tip of the football facing toward the defense and the other line runs through the back tip of the football toward the offense. The approximate 12 to 18 inch space between the two Off & Def LOS is the Neutral Zone.
  2. Safety – This is a 2 point play for the Defense. The offense will end a play in the end zone either by tackle or kneeling in the end zone or a penalty by the offense. Offense will then punt from the 20. In past sometimes an offense would do this play to be Safe instead of giving the football to the Defense so close to the goal line.
  3. Defensive Safety or Free / Strong Safety – These are Defensive backfield players. They play deep at 15 yards. They are the last line of defenders for the Defense. They will SAVE the Defense on deep plays. Usually there are one or two Safeties; Free Safety and Strong Safety. They are usually very fast and great open field tacklers with excellent pass coverage skills.
  4. Interception – When a Defender catches the Offensive forward pass. During the interception play, the Defense can advance the football trying to score. At end of interception play the Defense retains possession and becomes Offense.
  5. Backfield – During an Offensive play, these are the four Offensive players that can be aligned behind the line of scrimmage, thus in the back. These are usually the QB, TB, WB, and FB.
  6. Quarterback – In modern football the primary offensive backfield position to receive the snap from the Center. He is the leader of the Offense, play caller, ball manager / handler and primary passer. In the past, he was the closest to the football in the backfield to pitch or handoff and in the Single Wing Offense used as a sniffer or blocking back.
  7. Running Back – Usually 2 or 3 Offensive backfield positions that can carry the football, block or receive a pass in football. Mainly he is a primary ball carrier like the TB, FB or HB.
  8. Fullback – Main blocking back. Usually big and quick. Will be one of the 3 running backs in the backfield. Does not carry the football much except on power plays and short yardage. Sometimes will run screens too. In recent times the FB has turned into a blocking back / Sniffer. Usually aligned in front of HB, TB and closer to LOS, maybe even sniffing at it.
  9. Halfback – Usually one of the two main running backs, especially if not a power running Offense. The HB would be switched with the FB for a speedier back. Usually the 2nd best speed runner in the backfield. In a Power I or Wishbone example, the backfield would include the TB, FB and Halfback. Maybe aligned offset from the QB next to either FB or TB. Sometimes the TB and HB are synonymous .
  10. Tailback – premier ball carrier / RB in the Offensive backfield. Usually the deepest RB. The TB is fast and very agile. Top RB on your football team. Usually aligned directly behind the QB. Could also be called a HB synonymous sometimes.

Youth Football Terms Video Podcast Ep 2

Stay tuned for more youth football terms podcasts and blog posts as I add to my football vocabulary list. I will define football terminology and phrases to add to my youth football glossary. I will also try to find quirky football slang terms too and find out what the mean and how to apply them to coaching youth football. Look for more here and your podcast service.

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