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Beast Tank Plays Diagram

I’ve run the Beast Offense / Yale Single Wing since 1994. The Beast Tank plays are some of the best plays in youth football, especially when you use the audibles and adjustments available to you. These adjustments and audibles help you learn my Beast Base 8 Plays.

In the two Beast Offense Tank Play videos below, I review the 20 plus play adjustments and audibles available to you out of Power Wing Beast Playbook. It is quite amazing how one play can define an offense. And for the last 25 youth football seasons it has helped me and my little league tackle football teams achieve success over decades in Texas and Colorado youth football leagues. The Right / Rowdy and Loud Left Beast Tank Plays are my go to plays when I need 5 yards and maybe even a touchdown or two.

You can find out more in my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football. It has 60 Beast plays and over 200 pages of how to run the Power Wing Beast Offense and the Beast Tank Plays and Beast Package. The PWBO playbook is in addition to over 100 Beast Offense videos available on my YouTube Channel. You can also find more game and scrimmage footage on Beast tank plays from the last 10 years or so.

Beast Tank Formation Play
Beast Tank Play

Beast Tank Plays Video

In this coaching youth football offense article on the Beast Tank Plays I wanted to do a deep dive into the main play in the Beast Offense Packages, The Beast Power Dive Play or Beast Tank Play. The Tank play along with the Beast Wedge play defines the sheer unstoppable power running plays the Beast Offense brings to youth football offenses.

This is a deep dive analysis of the Beast Tank Power Dive Play from Coach Parker’s Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football. This is the main power running play from the Beast Offense package from the multi formation pee wee football playbook. If there is one unstoppable youth football play in little league football the Beast Tank Power Dive Play is the one.

In this 15 minute youth football coaching offense video, Coach Parker reviews the Beast Power Dive play in detail highlighting the regularly occurring open running and passing lanes when youth defenses try to shift and adjust to the Beast formation Tank power dive play. Coach outlines audibles to counter the defensive shifts so the Beast back can run to open lanes.

Beast Worm Formation Sweep
Beast Wide Worm Sweep

This video along with the Play Adjustments in the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook by Coach Parker should help any rookie or experienced youth coach learn how to run the best play in youth football from the Beast Offense.

Beast Formation / Tank Play Adjustments

This Beast formation video explains Play Adjustments in the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football by Coach Parker. Goes into detail about shifts, overloads, blocking calls, motion etc that can be tagged for each Power Wing Beast Offense play.

Easy Youth Football Audible System – Funny Names

As a bonus video, here is a video on setting up an audible system for your offense. In 2013 I started using this system extensively. I had always used goofy nicknames for plays and players as memory helpers. But in 2013 I expanded to a complete system to run during the playoffs. We tested it out in a few games and unleashed it in a playoff game. It was amazing. Last season with a 11U team I called almost every play from the sideline using this system running a Spread Wildcat / PWBO package. Fun Stuff.

I hope you enjoyed the Beast Tank Plays deep dive youth football coaching videos and article. The Beast Offense / Yale Single Wing has been a mainstay in my youth football coaching program since 1994. I rely in the Beast at the 5 year old levels and 12U age groups. The PWBO really takes off at the 8u level when you can add other formations to the Beast for added complexities. Of course my all my favorite youth football formations are in my multi formation PWBO playbook. Get yours today at my youth football playbook store.

If you run the Beast Offense and love or hate this play let me know. Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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