Bingo Break Youth Football Drill

A few months back, I did the Bingo Break youth football drill in my winter off-season workouts and the players had a blast. It was one of my favorite drills as a High School linebacker and pee wee youth football player. I absolutely love this Bingo Break drill; chop, roll, shuffle, backpedal, open hip lateral runs, drop back pass mirror drill. Both players and coaches loved running this drill at our workouts.  You can run it in shorts and or full pads.  Either way is safe.

I try to use this drill as a warm up sometimes in my youth football practices. And sometimes as a conditioning drill at the end of practice with a little bit more added to the butt rolls. I think this drill and Monkey Rolls are two of my all time football drills as a player.

Bingo Break Youth Football Drill

Purpose: To increase reaction time of Defensive players mirroring the football also develop good quickness, speed, footwork and provide excellent conditioning opportunity in a fun drill.

Youth Football Drills - Bingo Break Defensive Drill

Set Up: Coach with football and 4 to 6 Defensive players facing the coach at about 5 yards away on a marked line.

Coach pops football to start players chopping feet in position
Coach points football in series of 3 to 5 actions –

  1. Straight in front of coach – backpedal
  2. Outside R/L – Shuffle R/L
  3. Overhead – run forward toward coach
  4. Points at Ground R/L – Seat Butt Rolls R/L
  5. At 45 degree – Run sideways always facing football
  6. Arm up to pass – players read eyes, hips and football
  7. Ball passed to a “named” player and others try to intercept and yell Bingo
  8. Ball dropped and rolled toward players, then players play fumble drill

Players break to football when Coach throws football
Coach yells at the name of player he will throw to or just throw ball up for grabs
Players try to catch football and yell Bingo on catch / interception
Players sprint back to coach with football and return to lines or move to other drill

Coaching Points:

  • Players should always chop feet
  • Players must get off the ground quickly.
  • When players break at angle they should not be backpedaling but running at angle facing the coach
  • Watch for proper hip rotation opening to correct position
  • Players should never turn back to coach

For more on this drill, watch the football drill video…..

I hope  you enjoy and love the Bingo Break pee wee football drill as much as I do.  I grew up with this drill and our players love it too.  Sometimes, the old drills are the best.

If you have any drills that you like please leave me feedback in the comments and I’ll try to highlight your favorite drill.

Thanks again, Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas / Keller TX / DFW


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  1. Hey Coach,
    I bought your 6-2 book and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Ive bought into your system and built my D around it. We had our jamboree today and totally dominated!!! Ive been smiling all day!! We were hands down the most dominate team on the field. Thanks for your time, insight, and effort!! Wish you a great football season, full of success and smiles. Keep up the great work…
    Roy Malone (indiana)
    We spent 3 years in The Woodlands, Texas and wish I would’ve found your website back then!!

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