Spring 2012 Youth Football Summary

Zane Parker Super Bowl Spring 2012
Zane Parker

Last Saturday we just came up short in the Spring 2012 KYA Sophomore (9U) Super Bowl.  This was my third straight Super Bowl with 3 slightly different teams.   Its been a great run the last year and a half coaching with Coach Whit at KYA Football.  Even though we lost the Super Bowl Saturday, our Spring 2012 youth football team exceeded our expectations.  Our Bobcat sophomore youth football team was ranked #3 after the draft and #3 going into the A bracket playoffs.  We beat the #1 seeded team to gain our Super Bowl berth to play against a well coached and extremely talented USC Trojan team that was peaking at the right time.  We played USC tough with three 2nd half offensive drives into the red zone but just couldn’t put any points on the board and lost 12-0.  Congrats to the USC Trojans and great job to the Bobcats for a awesome FUN season.

A few of the things we did this year that I really liked and will continue….

  1. Multiple blocking calls per play to adjust based on different defenses
  2. O-line leader called blocking call and adjustments in huddle not QB
  3. Separate o-line blocking calls for TEs and blitz calls for o-line
  4. Multiple audibles especially for quick passes and weak holes
  5. Lineman Bear Crawls and Crabs uphill for strength training to work the core and arms
  6. Kick Off calls to kick certain directions based on opponent alignments
  7. Rugby style punt team
  8. Split offense backfield instead of I formation
  9. Added more Beast plays to go for sweeps, counters and reverses
  10. Continued to tweak defensive formations based on opponent offenses

A few things we need to work on….

  1. Subbing during the game, seemed harder this season
  2. calling time outs if defense / offense has not shifted set correctly
  3. passing passing passing catching catching catching under pressure
  4. multiple snap counts based on Ready, Set, Hut, Go, Now!, Pirate and Silent
  5. Backs going in motion on the right count
  6. QB / Center snap exchange too many issues this season
  7. blocking at the second level by the RBs and lineman
  8. RB drills – forearm hit explosion, balance, strip protection, proper cuts
  9. how to coach players with learning disabilities or attention disorders
  10. Getting everyone to show up on time for pre-game practice not 15 minutes late 🙂

I wish we would have done this…

  1. Won the Super Bowl but I’m ok with having a great season anyway, I guess.  🙂
  2. Ran a no huddle offense package and called plays at line of scrimmage based on D
  3. Started an Iron Man training program earlier in season
  4. Had more Team parties during the season.
  5. Involved the other assistant coaches more during the practices and games

Overall, what a great season.  We never thought we would play for a chance to actually win the Super Bowl but we had our opportunities and just couldn’t do it.  Congrats again to BK and T for coaching a Championship USC Trojan Team to win the Spring 2012 KYA Sophomore Super Bowl.  Coach Whit and I will get you guys next time.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW / Fort Worth Texas


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