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The 2011 tackle youth football season is about to start in Keller.  We are two weeks away from our try out grass drills and just under a month before our first practice.  I am ready for some football.

After looking through the visitor stats this week, I saw many people reading the article on First Day Practice Plan.  Since so many of you are interested in youth football practice plans, I made a collection of my practice plans from 2008 into a pdf eBook.  The practice plans are a little rough and some dates are missing, but the core details are there for you to review. What do expect for Free?

Download my free practice plan eBook here
Coach Parker’s  2008 Youth Football Practice Plans

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the practice plans.  I hope they assist you in coaching your youth football teams.

Coach Parker, Keller TX

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  1. Coach Parker….hello…i am an off line coach for 10-11 yr olds…i am having all kinds of probs getting our lineman to fire off the ball low and hard…i havv dun my very best giving them the proper technuiqe and hav work. Drills such as the sled and chutes and 1on 1…we played our first

  2. Coach Parker..hello..i am an off line coach and i am having a horrible time getting our lineman motivated and to fire off of the ball low and hard with wreckless abandon…i have tried to teach them the proper technuiqe and have ran drill after drill such as sled,chute,and one on one blocking…we had our first game yesterday and we looked as if we had never stepped on the football field in our you have any suggesstions that might help me get thru to these boys the importance of being an offensive lineman

    1. I played offensive line when I was in youth football and hated it. Its not very glorious and you do not get a lot of recognition for making blocks. You and the Head Coach need to make a big deal about blocking. We take pride in or blocking and want to be the best blocking team in the league. One thing taht helped me to get my o-line motivated was helmet award tickers. We give 3 blocking stickers to each lineman for a TD. The backs only get one TD sticker. We also give out stickers for any lineman that puts their guy on the ground. Make it fun for the lineman, keep them interested. The head coach must set the tone that the line is more important than the RBs. Just my two cents worth. Thanks, Coach Parker

  3. Coach, I love your reply. I’ve been begging our head coach to help recognize the linemen to no avail. I convinced my son to give one of his linemen every other helmet sticker for a TD. Its a great gesture, plus the boys who usually dont score, have the footballs on their helmets. I love the idea of rewarding them for “pancakes” or putting opponents on the ground. After every good run or TD, the backs should return to the huddle and say ” thanks line”. Thats a big one for me.

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