Wildcat Spread Offense Evolution from the Power Wing Beast Offense

Yes, the Wildcat Spread Offense did evolve from the Power Wing Beast Offense. But how? If you have been reading my blog, books and watching my YouTube videos, you probably know my coaching style is clock control conservative power football.  Shoot, I wrote the Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook, which is a multi… Read More

100 Youth Football Spread Plays Coming Soon

Tomorrow on CoachParker.org, I will be releasing Version 1 of my new digital eBook, The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense, A Running Spread Offense for Youth Football.  The eBook has over 100 game proven youth football spread offense plays.  These plays are diagrammed vs a 5-3 Defense and a 4-4 defense with assignments, coaching points, and… Read More

Dragon Formation Plays – Youth Football Spread Plays

Here are a few game highlight videos of Dragon formation plays from a few seasons ago.  These are easy youth football spread plays.  You can run them under center or in shotgun.  You can also put your backside WB or WR in motion.  Enjoy the plays. Here are some Dragon formation diagrams. Let me know… Read More