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Offensive Linemen Practice Plan – The One Pager

Offensive Lineman StanceToday I’ve got a great video post about coaching youth football offensive linemen. I’ve been working on the O-line practice plan video idea for a while. A friend of mine needed a some ideas about how to coach linemen so I put together a detailed practice plan for him based on what I have been doing the last 10 years coaching o-linemen. I call it the One Pager. It’s a 90 minute offensive linemen practice plan that can be used for the week to budget your practice time for you big men. So many youth pee wee football coaches only focus on the running backs, which is a huge mistake. Blocking is key to winning big games. This OLM practice plan gives you and your coaches a great outline to prepare your offensive linemen for your next game and season.

I developed the OLM One Pager from the 40 pages of blocking information out of my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football and condensed the key points into a handy one page document. This is down from 3 pages in my last attempt at a quick look plan. Why one page? Another coaching friend of mine says he doesn’t read more than one page of anything, so this the One Pager 90 Minute OLM Practice Plan. This one sheet gives you pretty much everything you need to do with your OLM during the week based on my blocking philosophies from my PWBO book. You can buy the OLM Practice Plan One Pager for $1.99. If you do not have my book you should still be able to use the One Pager and it you have questions, you can contact me anytime.

O-line 90 Minute Practice Plan – The One Pager


O-line Practice Plan

  • 00-10 min    Alignments, Gap Splits, Stance,
  • 10-20 min    Steps and Get Offs
  • 20-35 min    Blocking Rules
  • 35-50 min    Blocking Techniques
  • 50-90 min    Blocking Drill Time

What does your offensive line practice time look like?  Would love to hear your ideas and comments.

OLM Practice Plan 90 min – The One Pager – $1.99
Buy Now Offensive eBook

O-line Practice Plan

Please leave a comment below or Contact Me.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
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Find your Quarterback and Center Fastest!

It seems like every youth football season when I start coaching a new set of pee wee football players one of the most difficult skills to perfect is the Quarterback and Center snap exchange.  If you drafted a new team at try outs, then you may have a few ideas who your Quarterback will be and maybe a few Centers.  That’s great, you have a head start.  Maybe a few of you are assigned players from your youth football league and do not have any background information on your players yet.  For the latter group and maybe for others too, now you know exactly what you need to find in your first few practices; QBs and Centers.

If I do not have returning QBs or Centers or I have an almost completely new youth football team, I will basically hold a punt, pass, and kick field day with timed 10, 20 and 40 sprints along with a King Crab Sled push at my first practice and video tape the practice.  If I need more time, this PPK type of practice might be held my second practice also.  This way I can evaluate all my new and returning  little league football players.  From these try-out field days, I will choose 3 QBs and 3 Centers and teach them the snap exchange and have them start working on the snap exchange at practice and at home.

Your QBs and Centers must get in at least 50 snap exchange repetitions every practice.  You should ask the QBs and Centers to arrive about 20 minutes before practice and have them taking snaps.  A good drill is to line up your Centers in a row on the 10 yard line about 10 yards apart.  Have each QB take 5 or 10 snaps from each and switch centers.  The starting QB should call your snap count.  After a set of snaps to get warmed up, then have the QBs Sweep Right / Left and Centers perform a 3 step block down away.  This movement will simulate movement in the game.  You may also want to have a coach with a bag hitting the Center as they move, this will make it more realistic too game situations.  If the Center and QB do not move while practicing the Center QB exchange, this will become an issue in the game!  Also, make sure they do the Center QB snap exchanges with their pads on.  The pads are heavy and get in the way so you need them getting used to the pads and discomfort snapping the ball, especially the Centers. I would also advise you to have your Centers to wear a cup.  I asked all my youth football players to wear cups.

So, the moral of this story, Find your QBs and Centers Fastest than any of your other players.  Yes, I know it should be Faster but you hopefully get my point.

Let me know what you do to improve your Center / QB Exchange.  Post your feedback in the Comments sections.

Coach Parker
Ft. Worth Texas / Keller



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Youth Football Practice Plans eBook

The 2011 tackle youth football season is about to start in Keller.  We are two weeks away from our try out grass drills and just under a month before our first practice.  I am ready for some football.

After looking through the visitor stats this week, I saw many people reading the article on First Day Practice Plan.  Since so many of you are interested in youth football practice plans, I made a collection of my practice plans from 2008 into a pdf eBook.  The practice plans are a little rough and some dates are missing, but the core details are there for you to review. What do expect for Free?

Download my free practice plan eBook here
Coach Parker’s  2008 Youth Football Practice Plans

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the practice plans.  I hope they assist you in coaching your youth football teams.

Coach Parker, Keller TX

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner


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