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Staying low while tackling in pee wee football

lw8_89_tackleA friend of mine called me last night.  He said his 12U team is not tackling low.  They are tackling pretty good but some are having trouble breaking down and staying low to make tackles.  We talked about not all tackles will be low since they might be open field pursuit tackles when a player just needs to save a big yardage gain.  He explained that his team is tackling good he just needs some more practice staying low to work on a few players fundamentals and keep everyone fundamentally sound.

I told him we use our tackling bags and with a red tape line around them representing a players belt and have our players break down and tackle below the red line on the tackling bag.  We also do the close quarters SeaHawk angle tackling drill where players are just arms length apart already broken down and one step into a near thigh low shoulder roll tackle. Lastly we do a two line drill where we are close quarters again and one player jumps up and the tackler wraps and holds up the jumped player to make sure we have wrapped up and we also do a grab cloth drill from two lines.  One players turns and acts like a running back and the tackler grabs his jersey “Cloth” and the runner takes off.  This helps us make sure we know we can grab cloth and help will come soon.  Heck grab anything to save the tackle.

I have written an article on form tackling before, you can find it here, Is From Tackling Overrated.  Each and every season, I teach proper mechanics of form tackling, especially the Seakawk Tackling System, but I am big on making tackles not worried about what they look like.  That does not mean I do not like the fundamentals, I just know in most game situations a “true” form tackle is not always able to be applied because the ball carrier has other intentions.  We also teach the Seahawk Pec tackle for open field tackling situations.  Sometimes a high tackle is required or last ditch must move on a “jitter bug” running back.  But I will agree with my friend, staying low, both in tackling and blocking to gain leverage is a basic football fundamental and must be taught and perfected by every player to be successful.

Here are some more drills to stay low….

King Size Sheet Low Board

Coach Casey has a few more videos I like on blocking but this old sheet drill to stay low is perfect for all.  Just use an old king sized sheet as a low pole board drill.


Basketball Break Down

I’ve used a similar drill to this drill but used a basketball with youth football players versus a yoga ball with these bigger players.  You can also use a smaller tennis ball and scoop with two hands and then have them tackle a dummy bag.


SeaHawk Tackling and Drills

I love the Seahawk Tackling system.  This is very similar to what I was taught in high school.  Plus, I played Rugby a season.  I am very big on the shoulder roll tackles.


Low Pad Hits @ 1:23

I have never used this drill but I will this week.  I really like this to get across some muscle memory about hitting low.


Staying Low using a Tackle Wheel @:20 @:35

A friend of mine made me two tackle wheels and they are great.  This open tackle drill at 20 and 35 seconds are awesome drills to get your players tackling low.


I hope these drills and suggestions help you coach your team to get low during tackling and blocking.  Let me know if you have a few drills that you use to help your team stay low.

Remember to Play For fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Fort Worth, Texas


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Pop Pass Drill – Youth Football Drills

The Pop Pass Youth Football Drill for Passing is one of my favorite football drills for younger players to learn how to catch and throw and most importantly work on your QB / Center exchanges.  Not only is the Pop Pass Drill, a great passing drill but it is also a great warm-up drill to start in pre-practice time and continue to open practices when you have players drifting in a little late due to traffic or work schedules. So if you have several late players like we do most practices this is a great drill to open with as players arrive and get their pads on.  Just make sure your QBs are not the late arrivals.  🙂

Pop Pass Youth Football Drill for Passing by Coach Parker

In the Pop Pass Drill two sets of players numbering 6 to 10 with a QB, Center, and Receivers are opposite each and offset about 15 to 10 yards. The receivers run routes toward the other station and switch lines to come back.  See chart above.

This is an excellent drill that works many pee wee football fundamentals. I highly recommend this drill for any little league tackle team.

Pop Pass Drill Fundamentals

  • Warm-Ups
  • QB / Center Exchange
  • Shotgun / Under Center Snaps
  • QB / Centers Rotation
  • Practice HB Option Passes
  • QB Vision over D/O-Line at LOS
  • Route Running
  • Throwing & Catching
  • Conditioning

The Pop Pass Youth Football Drill helps me get in my QB / Center exchange reps that always get put on the back burner. I try to get 25 to 50 routes run by the players in this drill so we can get those reps in for the Center and QB.

For more on this great pee wee football drill please watch the video below.

For a direct link follow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk8XylPXP3E

For more pee wee football drills for players 6 to 13 years old, please visit my page on youth football drills.

Stay tuned as I develop more free youth football coaching videos for drills, offense and defense.  You can check out my YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/c/stephenparker

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Dallas, TX


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Tackle Football Baseball Youth Football Drill

Here is another free youth football coaching video on my version of the Team Tackle Football Baseball drill for youth football players.  My team this season absolutely loved this team competition drill.  This was our most requested drill to run in practice.  I’ve seen this drill run by other coaches over the last 10 years or so and this was the first season I added it to my youth football practices.  I am so glad i did too.  Enjoy the video.

Check out my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/StephenParker

Team Football Tackle Baseball Drill

  • Two Teams
    • Captains Pick Teams
    • Batters / Blockers – Batting Team – Off
    • Tacklers – Fielding Team – Def
    • Coaches are Umpires
  • Baseball Base Running Rules
    • Traditional Diamond
    • Tilted Rectangle Harder to Score Home
  • Game is 3 to 5 Innings
    • All start on the whistle
    • 3 outs per inning
    • Fumble is an Out and 1 pt for Def Team
    • Tackled before touching base is an Out
    • Flagrant penalty by blocker is an Out
    • Flagrant Penalty by Def is 2 bases
  • Scoring Similar to Baseball
    • Runner Scores at Home plate for 1 point
    • RB Fumble is 1 pt for Defense
    • Coaches score each play / Inning
  • Players must stay square to Mound
    • No Lead Offs
    • Def – 2 Tacklers
    • Off – 1 Blocker and 1 RB
  • Winners get Water First
    • Losing Team 10 Up Downs

Tackle football baseball drill

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Ft. Worth TX


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Tackling Gauntlet Youth Football Drills

I rewatched a linebacker video with Coach Paterno and his linebacker’s coach Coach Sandusky.  Coach Sandusky goes over several tackling drills but one I really like is the tackling gauntlet.  It teaches the tackler to wrap up and continue to drive his feet through the ball carrier.  So many times, youth players stop driving their feet during the tackle and get run over by the running back.  Just like we tell the running backs to keep moving their feet so should the tacklers.

Tackling Gauntlet Youth Football DrillThe youth football drill has a tackler and 6 players lined up as a gauntlet with their hands outstretched and together similar to the old red rover game.  The tackler takes a good form tackling position on the bag and then drives the bag through the gauntlet and then drives the bag on to the landing mat.  If you do not have a landing mat you can line up 5 or 6 square bags or a old mattress works too.  The gauntlet players want to give resistance but let the tackler through, we do not want the tackler to stop his momentum.

I really like this drill and will be implementing this football drill into my pee wee football practices this year.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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