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We Can’t Run the Outside Sweep

So after your first tackle youth football scrimmages or games you realize you can’t run the outside sweep play.  That happens many times in youth football.  The team with speed can run the sweep and stop the sweep.  If your team is a slower team in your league then you probably aren’t going to be…


Every Defense has a Weakness

I have been receiving many emails about youth football defenses.  And many of the emails ask about specific weaknesses of the 6-2 and 7 Diamond Defenses.  Like most things in life, one size does not fit all.  Every defense has a chink in its armour.  If the offense finds this weakness then you must adjust…

Youth Coaching

Gold Star Motivation

In 2006, I picked up my current youth football tackle team.  The team was mostly made up of small rookie 8 and 9 year old players, and only two players on the roster played tackle football before the 2006 season.  A few played flag football in the past.    I knew based on the roster I…


Youth Football Defenses

In my three years as a 7-10 year old Pee Wee football coach, I have experimented with several defenses recommended as youth football defenses.  Last year as a 4th grade team, we used variations of three popular defenses for different situations.  Our base defense was a 6-2 defense with various blitzes, stunts and line adjustments from…

Book Reviews

Football Principles and Play – Books

I recently bought four out of print football books: 1) Radar Blocking by Leo Hand published in 1985 2) Football Principles and Play by David M Nelson published in 1962 3) Sports Illustrated Book of Football published in 1960 4) Defensive Football by Louis R. Oshins published in 1949 The latter book by Oshins is…