100 Names for Linebackers on a Youth Football Defense

I guess I was a little bored today and started looking at linebacker position names like Mike, Sam and Will.  We’ve all heard of these names for LBs but I decided to dig a little deeper and see what other names have been used over the last 100 years of football.  I made up a… Read More

Tackling Types – Defense Coaching Youth Football

I am reading Coach George Allen’s Handbook of Winning Football.  Coach George Allen was one of the winningest NFL coaches on the Rams and Redskins in the 60′ and 70’s.  I watched his teams many times give my home team Dallas Cowboys fits on Thanksgiving. I was surprised this morning reading Coach Allen’s defensive line chapter and… Read More

Sprint Tackling Drill – Defense Youth Football

Today we used the Sprint Tackling Drill from AFCA’s Defensive Football Drills book.  This is a great open field tackling drill. The ball carrier is about 5 yards behind the bags and the tackler in red is 10 yards behind the middle bag.  The defender attacks the middle bag and then must get under control before… Read More

Defensive Strategy – Youth Football

So here is my youth football defensive strategy plan for 2010 1. Stop the run, interrupt the pass. 2. Attack the Offense with Multiple looks 3. Dictate game flow 4. Scout scout scout 5. Equalize strength 6. Communicate and say again. My defensive team will be called the Wolf Pack this season. Wolves communicate, hunt… Read More