110% Divided by (x)Sports

I know playing multiple  sports during a single sports season is not going to be a popular topic, but I’ve had a few families including my own try to accomplish this impossible task.  Team sports is all about the giving 110% to the team, not just yourself as an individual.  There are many individual sports… Read More

Sidelined by Move to Keller, TX

Its been awhile since my last post.  In June, My wife accepted a job in Ft Worth TX as a Tax CPA, so we have been packing and moving from Denver to Ft Worth the last two months.  We now live in Keller, Texas just north of Ft Worth, and my sons play football for… Read More

Coaching Youth Football

I love coaching youth football and other youth sports.  It amazes me the spectrum of coaches.  I guess I should not be surprised since the majority of us are parent volunteers.  And some of the unlucky few, defaulted into the coaching spot because the assigned coach got busy with work or resigned for some other reason. … Read More

Coaching Youth Football – Special Teams

Special Teams is a game breaker in youth football.  Most pee wee teams do not practice Special Teams the needed amount of time, and they pay the consequences in the game.   Plus, a lot of youth teams, place a high number of minimum play players (MPPs) on their Special Team units.  Not enough practice time and… Read More