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Offensive Linemen Practice Plan – The One Pager

Offensive Lineman StanceToday I’ve got a great video post about coaching youth football offensive linemen. I’ve been working on the O-line practice plan video idea for a while. A friend of mine needed a some ideas about how to coach linemen so I put together a detailed practice plan for him based on what I have been doing the last 10 years coaching o-linemen. I call it the One Pager. It’s a 90 minute offensive linemen practice plan that can be used for the week to budget your practice time for you big men. So many youth pee wee football coaches only focus on the running backs, which is a huge mistake. Blocking is key to winning big games. This OLM practice plan gives you and your coaches a great outline to prepare your offensive linemen for your next game and season.

I developed the OLM One Pager from the 40 pages of blocking information out of my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football and condensed the key points into a handy one page document. This is down from 3 pages in my last attempt at a quick look plan. Why one page? Another coaching friend of mine says he doesn’t read more than one page of anything, so this the One Pager 90 Minute OLM Practice Plan. This one sheet gives you pretty much everything you need to do with your OLM during the week based on my blocking philosophies from my PWBO book. You can buy the OLM Practice Plan One Pager for $1.99. If you do not have my book you should still be able to use the One Pager and it you have questions, you can contact me anytime.

O-line 90 Minute Practice Plan – The One Pager


O-line Practice Plan

  • 00-10 min    Alignments, Gap Splits, Stance,
  • 10-20 min    Steps and Get Offs
  • 20-35 min    Blocking Rules
  • 35-50 min    Blocking Techniques
  • 50-90 min    Blocking Drill Time

What does your offensive line practice time look like?  Would love to hear your ideas and comments.

OLM Practice Plan 90 min – The One Pager – $1.99
Buy Now Offensive eBook

O-line Practice Plan

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Blocking in Youth Football – Coaching Clinic

This is another installment in my coaching clinic series about blocking in youth football.  I hope you enjoy the video.  I have also posted a few other blocking videos below that I like from YouTube.

Youth Football Blocking

  • Violent Shoving / Knock People Down on Bootockies
  • Hands are Weapons
  • Eyes on Target – Body goes where eyes look
  • No Chicken Wings – Engage Chest, Arm Pits / Elbows
  • Hip Roll and Drive
  • Quick Feet
  • GOD / SAB / GOO / Wedge / BB / Zone / GOLD
  • Pulling vs Overload or Combo
  • Inside Gap most important gap
  • 2 or 3 point stance

Here are two more video I like on technique that we teach.

Let me know what else I can cover to help you coaching youth offensive linemen.  Do not just focus on your backfield, your offensive line will help you win championships.  Make sure to have a dedicated coach that coaches your offensive linemen.  Many teams the head coach will coach the offensive linemen.

Please add any comments below and please like the post and videos.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Ft. Worth, Texas / Keller


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