Texas Swing; Sweep, Blocking Tackling Youth Football Drill

I’ve been playing and coaching football for a very long time now. Plus I read a ton of football coaching books so I am not easily surprised by a new drill.  I was pleasantly surprised Monday night when one of my assistant coaches, Garvin Fouts, set up the Swing Drill.  He and his former team,… Read More

Portable Blocking Sled – King Crab By Gilman Gear

We introduced the Gilman Gear’s King Crab Sled at our 7-9 year old practice this week and the response was great.  The kids loved the new piece of equipment to use and the challenge to push it around the field.  I let another coach use the King Crab Sled at our Tuesday practice and he… Read More

King Crab Sled into Youth Football

I just received my King Crab Sled from Gilman Gear. I’ve wanted one for about three years, when I first saw it in American Football Monthly.  My initial reaction is it is going to be great.  It is very compact and light.  My 8 year old and 11 year old brought in the box and once… Read More

Offensive Line Clinic – Mushroom Society

I feel pretty lucky stumbling on the Mushroom Society’s website run by a group of professional Coaches of Offensive Linemen, COOL.  They host an annual offensive line clinic in Cincinnati.  The 2009 clinic is May 15 &16.  What’s really cool about http://www.thecoolclinic.com is that you can order the Clinic DVDs from 1996 to 2008.  The list of… Read More

Kick Return Blocking – Special Teams

The other day, I was talking to another youth tackle football coach about how his 4th grade youth football team blocks on kick returns.  We did not do a great job blocking on kick returns last year, and I want to see how other coaches are blocking kick off defenders.   He says he makes sure the kick… Read More

Blocking Drills O-Line Blocks – Video

This is a great video from Tennessee’s Coach Fulmer describing and demonstrating several blocks used by the offensive line.  I especially like the down block and the reverse block or crab block.  We use the crab block quite a bit in our youth football blocking scheme to fill holes, especially in the A Gaps.  Enjoy… Read More

Kick Return Blocking – Special Teams

Our youth football kick return blocking is not that great.  We did better this year by assigning players to block but we can do better.  We missed many blocks and one that hurt us in our final play off game last season.  After reading Coaching Offensive Linemen by Dave Christensen and James Peterson, I learned… Read More

Rule Blocking Vocabulary for Youth Football Offenses

Many youth football coaches have heard GOD, GOO, MOMA, and GOL, but what do they mean?  They refer to blocking rules.  Here are a few rule blocking terms that you should include in your offensive blocking vocabulary. GAP – refers to space between the linemen.   GAP rule is block GAP toward the ball or playside for Center.  On… Read More

Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football – DVD Review

Winning Youth Football’s Dominating Offensive Line Play for Youth Football DVD is packed with useful pee wee offensive line football information for the youth football coach. I am in the middle of redeveloping my offensive line schemes and calls and this was a refreshing “hands-on” knowledge transfer from a very successful youth football coach, Dave… Read More