Defending the Double Wing Offense with the 6-2 Defense

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Defending the Double Wing Offense

In this coaching youth football blog post Coach Parker reviews Defending the Double Wing Offense with the 6-2 Defense; using his 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense; 62×8. The main key to controlling a Double Wing offense is to control the line of scrimmage especially in the A and C gaps. If your down defenders are getting blown out then the Double Wing Offense will eat up any Defense. I like to Pinch down on a DW team and make them run outside or pass the football. Take away their favorite plays, the Wedge, Power Toss and Counter.

In this blog post and video I will be defending the double wing offense with my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. I will go over the 62 Wide Tackle, 63 Scheme, 62 Monster Scheme and 70 umbrella on defending the double wing offense using these youth football defensive formations. Buy Coach Parker’s 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook.

Key DW Areas to Defend
  • A Gaps and C Gaps
  • Watch Counters and Reverses
  • Flat and Seam Pass Routes

Defending the Double Wing Offense

  • Scout Opposing DTDW Team – Speed / Pass / Power / Key FB/WB? / Fav Plays
  • Defense wants to Pinch Down on DTDW Offense – Crash DEs to FB Hip no waiting take TE outside shoulder
  • Control Line of Scrimmage – Lots to Pullers & Dbl Team Blocks
  • Defenders must Stay Home play Gap Responsibility – Misdirection
  • Must Stop Key DTDW Plays to A and C Gaps
  • Minimum Penetrate to FB Toes / QB Heels no Deeper – Traps / Underneath Runs
  • DLM Create Piles of Double Team Blocks and Pullers at LOS
  • DLM exp A Gappers Submarine Zulu Bootocky Rolls
  • CBs Play Contain and Box at LOS – Read WB and TE run/pass? Must be top Players
  • Free Safety plays Monster and or Cover 1 – Cover 1 if pass Team
  • DLM Push / Tackle / Knock Down Your Pulling OLM
  • Defenders Tackle QB & RBs together in backfield if close
  • DLM Shift to Unbalance OL
  • LBs Key FB and or Opposite WB – Scouting Keys
  • LBs use false step or hop step – longer in your Gap due to Misdirection no over pursuit
  • Make them take forever driving – you Score Quick
  • Backside of Motion, Should always be ready for Counter of Reverse or TE Pop Pass!
  • If no Speed or Pass, pinch harder down / create a huge pile of players no where to go

DW vs 6-2 Defense

You can see in the 62 Wide Tackle on defending the double wing offense, I send the Sam and Will Defensive ends on a crash blitz to the FB hip. I want to pinch the DW down. The DLM will control their gaps. A gappers will most likely submarine and destroy any mid line Wedge play. DTs will pinch C Gap and not let Double Team wash them out. DLM should not penetrate very deep.

LBs must play misdirection with maybe a false step and read the FBs or WBs second stop. The CBs read the WB/TE and play contain. Fred is in a Cover 1 and may become a Monster if the team does not pass much. You can watch the Defending the Double Wing Offense video below for more detail.

DW vs the 6-2 Defense
62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Banner

Buy Coach Parker’s 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook. Many youth football coaches say the 62×8 is the multi 6-2 defense on steroids. The 62 Defense has been called the ABC defense since it is so easy to move in and out of schemes. Coach Parker shows you how to do this in his 62×8 defense.

DW vs 70 Umbrella Defense

I love the little known 70 umbrella defense. It is one of my favorite defenses for 9u and under teams. It is especially good in recreational youth football leagues with little to no passing threats. It is also great against the Single Wing and Double Wing Offenses. You can easily submarine and control the entire LOS and the 4 DBs can pick up any over flow and passes. Works great. Check out the video below on Defending the Double Wing Offense below.

70 vs dw offense

Below is my video podcast on Defending the Double Wing Offense using my 62×8 Defense. This is the Double Wing vs the 6-2 Defense.

Stay tuned as I continue to bring more defensive videos on how to defend top youth football plays and offensive formations used by pee wee football teams. Defense wins Championships.

Have you had trouble in the past defending the double wing offense? It is a tough youth football offense. Sometimes an unstoppable youth football offense. What have you done in the past defending the double wing offense? Did you use the 70 or 62 Wide Tackle?

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and defending the Double Wing Offense with op youth football defenses like the 6-2 Defense for youth football. And of course, I always love chatting about the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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