We had a playoff game last Saturday and I needed to get my team motivated.  I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and also watched the movie, Kingdom of Heaven the night before the game.  This youth football pre-game speech came out of the love of Knight battle movies. Enjoy!

Kneel to become a Champion Knight of Football
You must block hard building a wall of hardened steel strength
You must tackle with passion, aggression; defending your team
You must run and score as fast as Nike; soaring past all
But most of all, you must play your best at all times having fun winning every battle
Protect and guard your Ram brothers from all foes
Make your teammates, coaches, parents, fans and yourself proud; praising your glory
I believe in you, he believes in you, we believe in you; Now believe in yourself and your team
Rise and become a true Champion Knight of Football Hoochiekawdawa
Honor yourself today in battle
Go Rams. Beat the Titans

A little corny but I like it.  FYI, Knight of the Hoochiekawdawa is a goofy name we use for our winner in our blocking box drill.  The made up word is from a U2 Red Rocks Concert.  Bono is talking and singing and I think Hoochiekawdawa came out of his mouth at some point.  Well, that’s what I heard.  🙂

Remember to play for fun and winning is funner!

~ Parker


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