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I finally finished my Defensive playbook for my 5th grade pee wee football team.  After reading and watching Dave Cisar’s Winning Football Series and Coach Reed’s Winning Youth Football book, I focused on the 6-2 Wide, 4-4 Stack and Gap 8 defensive schemes for my 2008 little league tackle team.  I am not going to go into a lot of assignment detail today but here are diagrams of the base defensive formations.

6-2 Wide Defense – Diagram

6-2 wide

 4-4 Stack Defense – Diagram

4-4 base defense

Gap 8 Defense Diagram

Gap 8 Defense

You can see how easy the transition to each even front defense will be for our youth football players.  I plan on using the 6-2 Wide as our main defensive formation.  We will move to the 4-4 on long yardage situations and the GAP 8 or GAM on short yardage situations and or when we are inside the 10 yard line. 

Over the next several weeks, I will outline the assignments for each defense.  If you have any history with these defenses leave me a comment.  Just click on the comments button below this post.  Thanks!

Good luck this season and remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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  1. sounds good excpet how old are they? 10? 4-4 can be tough to play for little guys.

    nice diagrams, how did you make them?

  2. I use the 6-2 D I am going to teach the 4 4 this week. I have an athletic team this year and think I could benefit. How do u feel about blitzing the OL’s and how often/when. They are fast and aggressive. thanks

  3. We use the 6-2 wide D with a blitz package that was very effective on the inside and off tackle early on with larger, more talented opposition; when they adjusted and went outside with sweeps, counters, reverses, and an outside passing attack we got hurt. We’re undersized but extremely quick with 4 kids that can bring it and stay under control. I’m considering of a 4-4 to get all of our best athletes on the field and protect our outside. What do you think? Thanks

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