Youth Football Defensive Player Analysis

I’ve been writing a Spread Offense book over the last several months, The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense; A Youth Football Running Spread Playbook.  During my research I keep thinking about how to attack the outside and Spread the Defenses, since the Sweep and Sweep Option Pass are the main plays in the original TCU Spread… Read More

My Son is a Good Football Player, but He’s Small

I was reading through my comments last night and came across this statement, “my son is a good football player, but hes small.” So is my youngest son, Zane.  Zane is a Freshman in High school this year.  He was on “B” team and started on defense at SS and on Offense at Slot Receiver.… Read More

Youth Football Coaching Clinic Presentation Part 1

This is the first post of a multi part Youth Football Coaching Clinic presentation that I developed for KYA Football in Keller, TX.  I’ve been giving this presentation for the last several years and its helped our rookie coaches get a jump start to their first few seasons at KYA Football.  Much of the presentation… Read More

The Statue of Liberty Reverse Youth Football Play

This past Spring we were working on several reverse plays out of our Jumbo Trips formation.  One our Tight Ends had shown some speed and skill at carrying the football in a few drills, so I wanted to get him more involved in the running game. So as we played around with the TE reverse,… Read More

KYA 2012 Spring Football Registration

KYA Families, it’s hard to believe that it is already time to sign up for Spring Football, but Grass Drills are only 2 months away. You can register now by going to the website. Click on the “football” link on the left, then click “OPEN – Register Here!” link. For more details, click the… Read More

Game Play and Practice Play

I have been receiving a ton feedback about how many plays in a game is fair vs starters or Coach’s children playing most of the game.  Here is my take on what’s fair from my viewpoint.  First let me say, life is inherently unfair so our starting point is already unfair.  Plus nothing in life… Read More

Youth Football Practice Plans eBook

The 2011 tackle youth football season is about to start in Keller.  We are two weeks away from our try out grass drills and just under a month before our first practice.  I am ready for some football. After looking through the visitor stats this week, I saw many people reading the article on First Day… Read More