Preparing for the First Youth Football Game of the Season

First games are always tricky. I set my expectations lower than regular season games that I scout and get information on the opponent. This way I am happily surprised by the potential win or even if it is a close game. Losing the first game is not a season killer. Even though you may have… Read More

Teach Youth Football Basics

Your main goal as a youth football coach is to teach youth football players the basic fundamentals of football which are: Blocking Tackling Running Passing Catching Proper Football Stance Rules of the Game Position Names Offensive Concepts Defensive Concepts Special Team Concepts Sportsmanship How to be a Teammate How to win and lose like a… Read More

Coaching vs. Talent in Youth Football

Can great coaching in youth football outperform, defeat and or equal a well recruited stacked youth football team with mediocre coaching throughout an entire football season? A recent tweet by Dave Cisar, one of my favorite youth football coaches and authors, “The youth coach who invests a LOT of time recruiting players- he thinks talent… Read More

Ice Cream Sandwiches and Motivating Youth Football Players

Who doesn’t like an ice cream sandwich? Exactly, and most  kids love them so ice cream sandwiches are perfect for motivating your youth football players to practice harder and player smarter during pee wee football games.  Plus, ice cream sandwiches always increase the fun factor, and hey at the end of the day, everyone wants… Read More

Boys of Fall Moments ~ “Coaches” Video – Youth Football Coaches

Coach BK sent this video link to me today, and I wanted to share with you too.  Thanks Coach!  I hope everyone enjoys this video as much as I did watching these great players and coaches talk not X’s and O’s but about Coaching’s personal relationships and how coaches assist the maturation of many young… Read More

They’re Just not Hitters, Help!

Your youth football team is looking great the first few weeks of football, except those two or three players that are afraid to hit.  Well, you are not alone.  Just about every youth football team that I have coached over the last 15 years always has a few youth players that are afraid to hit… Read More

Offensive Play Calling Strategy Part 3 Opening Drive

This is part 3 of my Offensive Play Calling Strategy Series for youth football offenses. In part three I will discuss my opening drive play calling strategy that I use in my offense with my youth football teams.  In Part Two, I wrote about scouting and attacking the defense’s weaknesses based on scouting report, like… Read More

Helicopter Sports Parents – Focus on the Team not One

Helicopter parents is a term used to describe parents that hover over every aspect of their children’s lives.  I might be one, but I hope not.  I guess I need to ask my sons’ teachers and coaches to get the real answer.  🙂 I find it interesting that most helicopter sports parents that I run… Read More