What does on time mean for Youth Football Games and Practices?

As a youth football coach with over 20 plus pee wee football tackle seasons one of my biggest frustrations is players and parents late, especially to games.  Don’t get me started on late to playoff games or Super Bowls.  A recent USA Football article, Always plan to be 15 minutes early’ is true for players and… Read More

Youth Football Craziest Play at KYA Pee Wee Football Spring 2018

This is one of the craziest youth football plays I have seen in my 20 plus years coaching youth football / sports. Watch closely as the Tigers’ Center snaps the football over his head hitting an opposing player on the helmet and then bouncing back into the hands of the not so surprised Tigers’ running… Read More

Youth Football Defensive Player Analysis

I’ve been writing a Spread Offense book over the last several months, The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense; A Youth Football Running Spread Playbook.  During my research I keep thinking about how to attack the outside and Spread the Defenses, since the Sweep and Sweep Option Pass are the main plays in the original TCU Spread… Read More

Playing Multiple Sports but not During Same Season

I am so surprised each season, when parents come up to our coaching staff and explain why their child will not make practice for half the season and miss some games because they are playing another sport which overlaps with our Football season. The parent will let us know that when they signed up their… Read More

Youth Football League Organization Comparisons

A few of my readers asked me to discuss youth football league organization and my thoughts on what works and might not work.  I’ll try to do my best and review league organization based on leagues that I have coached within both in Select  / Recreation youth football and some youth baseball and basketball leagues. First… Read More

Youth 7on7 and Youth Tackle Football

There is a definite transition going on in Youth Football. More and more youth tackle teams are playing 7on7 football to keep their skill kids together in winter, spring and summer months to sharpen their team passing game fundamentals. Playing 7on7 is a great opportunity for Youth Football Coaches and parents to have the teams… Read More

Pee Wee Football Coach’s Clinic – Part 4

This is the fourth post of a multi part Youth Football Coaching Clinic presentation that I developed for KYA Football in Keller, TX. In this post I will be discussing coaching football fundamentals.  Find Part 1,   Part 2, Part 3. Football is Blocking and Tackling You just drafted your youth football team and now the fun begins.… Read More

Our Child Wants to Quit, What Should We Do?

Many youth sports players are signed up by mom and dad to play sports without asking the potential young athlete the most important question, “Do you REALLY want to play Sport X?” Like me, moms and dads assume their kids will love everything they loved and played in their youth.  NOT! Communication is key in… Read More

Football Book Reviews

I’ve been reading a few football books over the last few weeks.  Here are a few reviews on my other youth football blog, http://coachingyouthfootballtips.com   http://www.youthfootballcoachingtips.com/2010/10/complete-guide-to-installing-44-split.html http://www.youthfootballcoachingtips.com/2010/10/vince-lombardi-on-football.html http://www.youthfootballcoachingtips.com/2010/10/complete-book-of-drills-for-winning.html http://www.youthfootballcoachingtips.com/2010/10/play-football-nfl-way-by-tom-bass.html http://www.youthfootballcoachingtips.com/2010/10/coaching-footballs-46-defense-book-by.html What football coaching book s have you been reading lately?  Let me know in the comments section. F6URB2H2TMCQ

Fundraiser – Win Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets

This fall I will be coaching with Keller Youth Association’s Select Football (Keller Hurricanes), and we will be playing in the Metroplex Select Youth Football’s league. The Metroplex Select Youth Foundation(501c3) was founded by former Dallas Cowboy and Superbowl XXX MVP Larry Brown.  Larry has teamed up with the Cowboys for a Super Fundraiser of… Read More