Tackle Progression Model promotes fundamentals and player safety | USA Football

I’ve been taking the USA Football’s certification class.  Youth Football Coaches can join for $25 and take the certification class.  I came across this article/video today on tackling.  This is very well produced.  I will be using this tackling progression technique this week in practice, especially with my rookie youth players. USA Football, the sport’s… Read More

Youth Football Stance Story

A few years ago I attended a youth coaching retreat and heard one of the high school coaches talk about getting into a proper 3 point stance for a lineman.  He said something like you bend down into a two point stance like your taking a dump in the woods.  He was right you do… Read More

What is the most you would pay for a 200 page Youth Football Coaching eBook?

I just finished my first rough draft of my youth football coaching book for youth football players 6-12.  I am trying to decide what is a good price for an ebook.  Please help me decide what’s a fair price and what you would pay for a 200 page Youth Football Coaching ebook. POLL Closed .… Read More

What’s in your Youth Football Coach’s Bag?

What’s in your youth football coach’s bag?  Hopefully a mouthpiece or two. I carry two bags to my youth football practices; my backpack and a team equipment  bag.  In my backpack I keep a few necessary items close at hand like mouthpieces and paper & pens that I use to make notes when needed.  I… Read More

Thoughts on Choosing Youth Football Assistant Coaches

As we approach the 2011 Fall youth football tackle season, I thought I would share my thoughts on choosing assistant coaches.  First let me say, choosing and in most cases accepting volunteer help is like hiring temporary Holiday workers that want off every Weekend and is seldom a perfect match. Especially, since the volunteer talent… Read More

Why do you coach youth football? Poll

I was talking to another sports parent the other day about why we are so involved in youth sports, and it prompted me to think more about why I am coaching youth football.  Why do you coach youth football?  I would love to know. Please vote below.  Thanks. Thanks for voting, Coach Parker

Drafting Youth Football Players

So your youth football draft is approaching or maybe its over like mine is for Spring football.  I wanted to highlight a few things that I learned from my last youth football draft.  The main point I learned in this year’s recreational football draft is that actual tackle football experience should trump size and any… Read More

110% Divided by (x)Sports

I know playing multiple  sports during a single sports season is not going to be a popular topic, but I’ve had a few families including my own try to accomplish this impossible task.  Team sports is all about the giving 110% to the team, not just yourself as an individual.  There are many individual sports… Read More

Coaching Youth Parents

I am not trying to be funny with the title of this post.  In today’s environment, a youth coach must pay as much attention to the players’ parents as much he does to the players on the field.  Unlike my parents 30 years ago, today’s parents are much more involved in their children’s lives.  And… Read More