Toxic Sports Parents Experiences 50 Crazy Parent Issues
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Toxic Sports Parents Experiences 50 Crazy Parent Issues

I ran into a few toxic sports parents, this past Spring 2022 while helping out two youth football teams in a part time capacity. One team with vocal obnoxious parents got me thinking about past and present; Toxic Sports Parents Experiences, my 50 Crazy Parent Issues. After getting assaulted at a game a few years…


How to Talk to Your Child’s HS Coach Why Your Child is not Starting

I get a ton of comments on one of my minimum play time player articles on the subject of bad high school coaches and a ton of search requests about how parents should talk to high school coaches about their child’s playtime on the team.  I actually ask myself the same question since I have…

The Head Coach’s Son; Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports #1 Popular Parent Topic

I am sure many will argue that there is favoritism in youth football. I will agree too. After 30 seasons coaching youth football and other youth sports, there is a ton of favoritism. Daddy ball is alive and well, and in my analysis is why many youth football teams lose in our youth football league….