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Coaching Team Defense in Youth Football

Coaching Team Defense Fritz ShurmurI just finished reading Coach Fritz Shurmur’s outstanding book Coaching Team Defense .  This is a must read for any defensive coach.  It’s a 100 pages of pure defensive gold.  I read it one afternoon and cannot stop thinking about the book.  Here are some top points out of the book.

  1. #1 Objective for Defense is to keep Opponent from Scoring
  2. Must  coach players to be physical, speed and simple schemes so minimum thinking.
  3. Practice drills should be like game situations
  4. Must play hard every play and play as a team
  5. Defense must make tackles in offensive backfield, play on their side of the ball
  6. The use of Hands on defense is the most important skill
  7. Most important part of tackling is to grab and hang on to ball carrier
  8. You become in games what you practice
  9. Every practice should have individual position time to teach position technique
  10. If the receiver beats the DB, the DB should cover and focus on receivers hands

The book is full of these great defensive football points.  Try the library or Amazon and read Coach Shurmur’s Coaching Team Defense

Coach Parker
Ft. Worth Texas / Keller


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Football Book Review – Complete Guide to Special Teams

Last night, I read American Football Coaches Association’s Complete Guide to Special Teams.  This is an excellent 250 page book on Special Teams tactics, drills and techniques written by some of the best Special Teams coaches in football and edited by Coach Bill Mallory and Coach Don Nehlen.  Some of the tactics outlined in the book are too sophisticated for youth football but the fundamental strategies lay an excellent special teams’ foundation for any youth tackle football team and the position technique chapters apply to all football players that want to play skill positions on Special Teams.  I could not put the book down and read all 250 pages in one sitting.  I rate the book 4.5 /5.0. 

The book is divided into two parts; tactics and techniques.  The Tactics sections includes chapters on; Punting, Kickoffs, Punt Returns, Kickoff Returns, Extra Points and Field Goals, Two-Point Conversions, Punt and Field Goal Blocks, and Developing Special Team Units.  The Techniques section includes chapters on; Punting, Kicking Off, Kicking Extra Points and Field Goals, Long Snapping, Holding for Kicks, Returning Punts and Kickoffs, and Developing Special Team Players.

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