Coaching Your Own Child in Youth Sports

Below is an article from Yahoo Sports’ writer Steve Hansen.  I did not think I would like this article as much as I did. Coaching your child: Expert advice from T-ball to high school and beyond – Yahoo! Sports — Steve Parker (@coachparker_org) June 17, 2012 I thought this was a great youth sports… Read More

Responses to the winning in youth sports debate –

Winning vs Fun is a tough question, I wrote about this issue in a previous article, Play for Fun but Winning is Funner. Most kids are competitive and always want to know the score and who won.  Its only when Little Johnny loses and starts crying that mom and dad are against competition.  When you… Read More

A Football Coach’s Playbook for Coaching Youth Football

I spent the 4th of July weekend, thinking of a name for a youth football coaching book.  I am thinking about writing a youth football coaching book, and I came up with the above title thanks to my good friend Brad Sigman.  What do you guys think?  And here’s the first paragraph from Chapter One… Read More