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Welcome youth football coaches, parents, fans and all, I am Coach Parker. Thanks for stopping by to check out my website; Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk and Plays. My coaching youth football site is focused on helping rookie and veteran coaches learn about coaching youth football for ages 5 to 12 years old. Much of this information will also work for players 12 to 14 years old through about 8th or 9th grade. Learn top coaching youth football strategies to become one of the best winning youth football coaches in your youth football league. Be #1! Learn How to Now!

Take a look at my latest series on the T Formation Offense and the series on T Off-Tackle Plays.

Champions are Made in the Off-Season

Yes, Champions are made in the off-season. Are you giving your players 110% too? Are you attending coaching clinics, reading football books, talking to other coaches, scouting future opponents, developing your playbook and keeping in shape for a long Championship season?

Here’s a little help for the Off-season. Save 12% now through March 1, 2022 on any of my playbooks and ebooks at check out on this site. Make sure to use the Coupon Code 12%offseason. Have a great offseason and enjoy the site.

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Check out the other Selected Youth Football Plays eBooks in the series: Wishbone, Power I, Single Wing, Double Wing and I Formations. Each football plays eBook has over 50 youth plays for you to use and incorporate into your football offense for youth. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. I love to chat about coaching youth football.

Rookie Youth Football Coaches
If you are a rookie coach and new to coaching pee wee football, check out my Youth Football Coaching Clinic video series. I developed this coaching youth football video clinic for my local pee wee football league. Even though it is tailored to KYA Football, it has a ton of great information for new parents starting their youth football coaching journey in the next little league football season or two.

Veteran Youth Football Coaches
Many veteran coaches will visit the site to check out my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook articles and to find out about my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. These two youth football schemes have served me well over almost 30 youth football seasons.  Some coaches might be looking for new and fun youth football drills.

Research Youth Football Coaching
I started this blog / website back in 2008 to help me learn more about coaching youth football and research the game. One article that is researched a ton is the Top Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football.  It is hard to believe this pee wee coaching site is over 10 years old. If you read through all my little league football coaching articles you can see my progression as a coach. One of my oldest and best articles over the decade is What’s in Your Coaching Bag.

I started coaching youth football in 1994 and coached my last game as a full time head coach or OC/DC coach in November 2019. I am starting a new chapter in coaching as I focus more on writing youth football coaching playbooks and ebooks. I hope to write a mystery Novel too soon, but you are probably more interested in my youth football coaching eBooks.  

Please look around and search the site for all things about coaching youth football.  Let me know how I can help. Contact me anytime.

Thanks again for stopping by,
Coach Parker

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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Coaching Youth Football Blog Posts

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Coaching Youth Football Playbooks by Coach Parker

Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook For Youth Football

Power Wing
Beast Offense

Pirate 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook

62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense

Wildcat Spread Offense Playbook

Wildcat Multi
Spread Offense

Youth Football Drills

Youth Football

Updated Youth Football Coaching Blog Posts

Offensive Lineman Practice Plan – The One Pager

Today I’ve got a great video post about coaching youth football offensive linemen and my Offensive Lineman Practice Plan – The One Pager. I’ve been working on the O-line practice plan video idea for a while. A friend of mine needed a some ideas about how to coach linemen so I put together a detailed…

Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Drill – Pee Wee Football Drills

I’ve got another addition to the great pee wee football drills that I thought we would get into today and this drill is the Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Drill for running backs. This is a great drill to teach youth football running backs to hit the hole without stutter stepping and hit the hole…

Coaching Youth Football to Lose – #1 Reasons Why – Stop it NOW!

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In 2020, after 30 football seasons, Coach Parker removed his official coaching whistle and hung up his cleats to spend more time with his family and friends. He is now focused on writing his first mystery novel and creating more paid and free football coaching content. He currently resides in North Fort Worth, Texas just next door to Keller, TX.

And… never say never, if he finds the right team or opportunity, Coach Parker just might return to the gridiron for one or two seasons to commune with the football gods and smell the fresh cut grass on a Fall Saturday morning.