What is the most you would pay for a 200 page Youth Football Coaching eBook?

I just finished my first rough draft of my youth football coaching book for youth football players 6-12.  I am trying to decide what is a good price for an ebook.  Please help me decide what’s a fair price and what you would pay for a 200 page Youth Football Coaching ebook. POLL Closed .… Read More

Football Book Review – Complete Guide to Special Teams

Last night, I read American Football Coaches Association’s Complete Guide to Special Teams.  This is an excellent 250 page book on Special Teams tactics, drills and techniques written by some of the best Special Teams coaches in football and edited by Coach Bill Mallory and Coach Don Nehlen.  Some of the tactics outlined in the book… Read More

Book Review – Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan

I just finished re-reading Coach Dave Cisar’s Winning Youth Football A Step by Step Plan.  It is a very good football coaching book and one that I highly recommend to rookie and experienced pee wee football coaches.  The book is also endorsed by Tom Osborne, not too bad for a youth football book.   I rate… Read More