Coaching Youth Football to Lose and Why?

Over the last 10 years, I have coached three different youth football teams through the 7U to 12U age divisions.  During those many Spring and Fall football tackle seasons, our teams consistently beat a few teams that we played each season as our team aged.  I always think about why our Teams won versus other… Read More

How to play Free Safety in the 6-2 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense

This free coaching video reviews how to play Free Safety in the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense by Coach Parker. The 62×8 defense is based on the 6-2 defense, wide tackle 6 defense and the 5-3 defense. These are all proven pee wee tackle little league defenses that are played by many youth football… Read More

Open Field Combo Youth Football Tackling Drill

The Open Field Combo Youth Football Tackling Drill is one of my go to youth football tackling drills that I run each season to find out who are the best open field tacklers on the team. This youth football drills helps me narrow down my defensive linebackers and secondary corner backs and free safety. I… Read More

First Practice Youth Football 2014

Today’s is our first youth football practice for 2014.  I am getting very excited.  Since our old team graduated to 7th grade Intermediate school football last season, we dropped back down in the KYA league and picked up a 10U / 3rd grade team. We had an incredible player draft allocation on Saturday getting 7… Read More

Ice Cream Sandwiches and Motivating Youth Football Players

Who doesn’t like an ice cream sandwich? Exactly, and most  kids love them so ice cream sandwiches are perfect for motivating your youth football players to practice harder and player smarter during pee wee football games.  Plus, ice cream sandwiches always increase the fun factor, and hey at the end of the day, everyone wants… Read More