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Coaching Youth Football to Lose and Why?

Coaching Youth FootballOver the last 10 years, I have coached three different youth football teams through the 7U to 12U age divisions.  During those many Spring and Fall football tackle seasons, our teams consistently beat a few teams that we played each season as our team aged.  I always think about why our Teams won versus other teams in our Division.  This morning was no exception, since I am planning to begin coaching another 7U/8U team this Fall 2017.  I started writing down the team names we played over the years and why I thought we beat these teams season to season.  Here is a summary of what I thought about this morning….

Why Teams Lost Summary

  1. Son played QB; “Daddy Ball”
  2. Shotgun snaps inconsistent or QB / Center Exchange
  3. Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  4. Play calling strategy; did not run best plays, wanted to be too fancy or pass
  5. Did not focus on Blocking
  6. Defense was a reading Defense, and did not attack Offense

Yes, my two sons have played quarterback over the years but if I had a better QB, my sons played other positions.  As a Coach, you must be able to play the best player at a position, not start your son or someone you like better due to parent politics or a pre-season promise.  You must do what is best for the team, not what is best for you and your family.

Each season, I see so many teams force a shotgun snap because they want to run the Spread or Pistol offense.  If your Center cannot shotgun snap 14/15 times consistently then you will turn over the football at least twice during the football game.  These turnovers will lose games.  I see it in youth football and at the Junior High and High School levels.  You can run these offenses under Center, maybe not as effective but more effective than fumbling the QB / Center exchange.  This area of offense must be focused on and practice at every practice.  Even I get lazy and lose focus on this QB Center exchange and then it bites me in the bootocky.

Look if your team cannot complete more than 50% of your passes then do not focus on the offensive passing game. If you want to focus on your passing game, then play 7on7 and practice there.  But forcing the passing game to learn how to pass for a whole season while you consistently lose more than half your games is no fun for you, your players, parents and fans.  Sorry but many youth football QBs will not start as high school QBs. Running the football at the youth level will increase your chances to win games.  But hey, if you have the legit passing QB, receiver, blocking etc than pass the crap out of the football.  Out of my 20+ season coaching youth football, I’ve seen more teams win by running than passing.

Many coaches, want to over complicate youth football offenses.  I know I do sometimes.  Remember to keep it simple.  Do not force an offense on your talent. Let the Talent tell you what they can do.   If you’re trying to run a fancy offense and getting penalties every series or unable to shotgun snap then maybe that offense is not working for your talent.  If your offense play calling strategy is all over the place and you keep calling pass plays that do not work or Jet Sweeps that are losing big yards, or throwing 2 interceptions a game, maybe you should run that Stud TB down the 5 or 6 hole behind your super large offensive tackle and maybe move to an unbalanced line and just run it down everyone’s throat.  The stats say your averaging 5 yards a carry on that play.  I don’t know how many times, I’ve looked over at my Co-Head coach and said thank god they keep passing and not running #20 down our throats.  But hey, keep passing from a shotgun formation and turning the football over on interceptions, downs or bad snaps and give me the win.  I’ll take it.

It took me a few years to learn to really focus on blocking.  Many youth football coaches focus on the running backs and just tell the lineman just block any man in front of you.  Yes, you can win doing that if you have really good running backs.  But if you do not have tier 1 running backs then you need to learn to block.  You might have a pretty good passing QB, but if you cannot protect him from my 6 very determined pass rushers then it will be a very long day.  If your guards are not blocking the inside gap and letting my A gappers crush your QB then it’s hard to hand off.  Your linemen will usually be 50% or more of your players on your football team.  Coach them up on blocking fundamentals to be the reason you’re the best offense in the league.  Your players and parents will be happy you focused on all players not just your top 5 running backs.

Defense wins Championships.  I see too many coaches running a 5-3 or 4-4 split defense or even running a 6-2 defense but with reading linebackers and reading defensive ends on the edges in tight to the formation with the Corner Backs set back in a cover three with the Free Safety and losing a ton of games.  I see too many “reading” linebacker centric defenses get stomped on by heavy running offenses.  If most of your youth football defensive players are linebackers and defensive backs reading plays then most experienced offensive coordinators will shred your defense for 4 to 5 yards a carry each play.  It has been my experience that youth football players do not read offensive keys, players, plays, formations very well.  These defensive players will wait for the running back to hit them and not attack the offensive player on his key move from the backfield.  Youth football defenses must attack.  I use a 5-3 defense or 5-2 Monster as my pass defense in youth football not my main run defense.  If you have legit linebackers that attack then maybe you can run a successful linebacker centric defense at the youth football level.  Make sure to scout opposing offenses and focus on Defense.  Offense is pretty and wins a few games, but your Defense will get you to the playoffs and maybe a chance in the big show.

I know my opinions are a little brash, but this has been my experience over the last 20+ seasons coaching youth football in Texas and Colorado.  Let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear your opinions.

Below is why I thought we beat each team consistently over the years…..

Team 1

  1. Coach played his son at QB, who was not a QB
  2. Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  3. Offense was too easy to Defend, not enough variety
  4. Players not assigned to proper positions
  5. Shotgun snaps inconsistent

Team 2

  1. Ran same play that did not work too many times a game
  2. Coach played his son at QB
  3. Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  4. Did not focus on blocking
  5. Did not adjust Defense to Offensive alignments

Team 3

  1. Coach played his son at QB
  2. Ran wrong offense based on team talent
  3. Shotgun snaps inconsistent
  4. Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  5. Offensive play calling strategy suspect

Team 4

  1. Did not Draft/Recruit well; Poor Planning
  2. Switch Offense week to Week
  3. Switched Players around week to week
  4. Did not listen to other Coaches trying to help
  5. Shotgun snaps inconsistent

Team 5

  1. Promised players positions on Team; QB
  2. Did not play better players at QB
  3. Recruited players they liked vs best players
  4. Did not put players in proper positions
  5. Offensive play calling strategy suspect

Team 6

  1. Over complicated offensive shifts pre-snap
  2. Good motivator but lacked tactical focus
  3. Shotgun snaps inconsistent
  4. Did not run best plays, wanted to be too fancy
  5. Did not adjust Defense to counter Offense alignments

Team 7

  1. Ran too many LBs and did not attack on Defense
  2. Relied on only 1 main RB
  3. Did not focus on blocking
  4. Too many coaches / voices
  5. Easy Offense to Defend

Team 8

  1. Coach played his son at QB
  2. Too many pass plays and low completion rate
  3. Did not run his stud RB more
  4. Defense did not attack Offense
  5. Offensive play calling strategy suspect

I hope this will help you understand the dynamics of winning and losing youth football games.

Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas





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How to play Free Safety in the 6-2 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense

This free coaching video reviews how to play Free Safety in the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense by Coach Parker. The 62×8 defense is based on the 6-2 defense, wide tackle 6 defense and the 5-3 defense. These are all proven pee wee tackle little league defenses that are played by many youth football teams across the country.

I review the FS / Fred alignments, main responsibilities,  blitz packages, issues and pass coverages used in the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense.  The Fred is a very important player in the 62×8 since he is the only true defensive back playing pass coverage 100% of the time in most situations.  The Free Safety must be smart, fast, great open field tackler and know how to play Centerfield on a football field.  Check out the video for more information on how to play FS in the 62 Multi 8 Defensive System.

Direct video link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZuMcxtz6K4

For more free pee wee tackle football coaching videos by Coach Parker go to his YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/c/stephenparker

Stay tuned as I develop more coaching  videos on the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense from my youth football defensive playbook. The 62 Multi 8 Defense is based on the popular 6-2 Defense, Wide Tackle 6, 5-3 Defense and 52 Monster Defenses. All of the proven defenses are great Pop Warner little league football defenses run in many youth tackle football programs across the US.  Find our more about my complete 62 Multi 8 youth football defensive system today. It is Texas youth football proven and  successful.

You can buy the companion digital book to the free 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense videos here.

Please like, comment, share and or subscribe to this post / video.  I appreciate your continued support.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW


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Open Field Combo Youth Football Tackling Drill

The Open Field Combo Youth Football Tackling Drill is one of my go to youth football tackling drills that I run each season to find out who are the best open field tacklers on the team. This youth football drills helps me narrow down my defensive linebackers and secondary corner backs and free safety.

I do not run this drill more than about 5 to 6 times a season since there is so much space between the ball carriers and tacklers. I do not have linemen participate in this drill.   The large amount of open space creates a ton of speed/force and players will get hurt running this drill.  We usually run this drill at THUD, which is full speed but the tacklers will not take the ball carriers to the ground.  I will run full speed only once or twice to manage potential injuries.

Direct link to the video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWumsUGKm7U

For more free youth football coaching videos by Coach Parker go to his YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/c/stephenparker

In this drill I am watching to see which youth football players can track the ball carrier, break down and tackle the ball carriers.  I am looking for the best head hunters that can stop the running back through a good form tackle, push out of bounds or doing whatever it takes to slow down and stop the running back.  If a tackler whiffs the ball carriers several times I know that player will not be a good open field tackler in space.

I hope you enjoyed this drill.  Please like this drill, comment, and share below.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW Texas

PS: If you enjoyed this video and blog post, please help me bring more free coaching content to the youth football community.  Donate $1 at http://paypal.me/coachparker/1


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First Practice Youth Football 2014

QB PracticeToday’s is our first youth football practice for 2014.  I am getting very excited.  Since our old team graduated to 7th grade Intermediate school football last season, we dropped back down in the KYA league and picked up a 10U / 3rd grade team. We had an incredible player draft allocation on Saturday getting 7 of our top 10 evaluated players, so we have high hopes for this team.  Hopefully the same magic as our last Sophomore (Falcons) team had going undefeated and winning a Super Bowl.  We will see today if they look as good at practice as they did on paper before the draft.

Today at our first practice we will be doing the following:

  1. Meet and Greet Parents and Players before practice
  2. Playing the Name Game to learn names
  3. Running a 20 yard dash
  4. Passing Pod for QBs and Receivers
  5. Center Snapping Pod for Linemen
  6. Stance and Cadence Pod 
  7. Learn Offensive Formation, Holes and Numbering System
  8. Panthers and Rabbits Chase Game

Hopefully we can find and or confirm our QB, Center, Running Backs and other skill players today and Thursday.  For more on practice plans check out my ebook on Practice Plans.  

Well, I have a few items to go before i am ready for tonight. I need to get my first aid kit and mouthpieces in my coaching backpack and print off the roster, practice plan and contact sheet for the parents to give me updated cell phone numbers and emails.  Since I am only helping coach practices this year as I am taking a short break from Head Coaching, I am trying to relax and enjoy the rest of the day and let the head coach worry about all the other equipment for practice.

Are you ready for practice today?  Did you give your 110% to the team in your preparation?  I know you did!

Good luck this season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / Fort Worth / Dallas

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