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First Practice Youth Football 2014

Today’s is our first youth football practice for 2014.  I am getting very excited.  Since our old team graduated to 7th grade Intermediate school football last season, we dropped back down in the KYA league and picked up a 10U / 3rd grade team. We had an incredible player draft allocation on Saturday getting 7…

coaching youth football

Teach Youth Football Basics

Your main goal as a youth football coach is to teach youth football players the basic fundamentals of football which are: Blocking Tackling Running Passing Catching Proper Football Stance Rules of the Game Position Names Offensive Concepts Defensive Concepts Special Team Concepts Sportsmanship How to be a Teammate How to win and lose like a…

Youth Coaching

Expect more from student-athletes

The article below  is a great article about expecting more from our students and athletes.  I wrote an article a few years ago very similar about making sure we expect more from our kids, Expect More or Lose.  This is not only a youth sports issue but is becoming a societal issue is killing the…