American Football Monthly Jan 2009

I received my January 2009 issue of AFM last week and it has one of the best articles on the sweep that I have read; The Fly Guy.  I am also intrigued by the advertisement for Gilman Gear’s King Crab Sled.   Has anyone used on of these?  Another coach and myself could not stop talking… Read More

Football Videos – Youth Football & More

Over the last 4 weeks, I ordered some new football coaching videos and received a few DVDs to review on  I’ve been  busy watching football videos this week.  Its been a belated Christmas.  As many of you know, I am a big Spin offense guy.  Two years ago, I ordered the main DVDs from American Football… Read More

American Football Monthly Magazine – Nov / Dec

I received my December American Football Monthly magazine just the other day and I must agree with the cover story, “The Tackling Crisis: Why Proper Tackling Has Deteriorated,” that tackling at all levels of football is terrible.  According to AFM research 78% of surveyed coaches believe tackling has gotten worse over the last decade.  I hate… Read More

American Football Monthly – Oct 2008 Issue

I just received my October 2008 issue of American Football Monthly.  The publisher said that Hurricane Ike destroyed their printer’s building and had to find another printer.  Top articles in the October 2008 issue of AFM magazine: Washington Linebacker Drills Nickel Package Matching Speed to Speed Revamping the Wing T Stretching the Field with Your… Read More

American Football Monthly Aug 08 Issue

I just read through the August 08 issue of American Football Monthly magazine  the number 1 resource for football coaches.  Here’s a list of the key football articles: 5 Methods to Use Predicting Offensive Coordinator Calls Developing The Zone Scheme Using Man Blocking Principles The Winning Edge: Preparing Your Linemen for Game Day UConns’ Play… Read More

American Football Monthly July 08 Issue

I received my July 2008 issue of American Football Monthly magazine this week.  My last post highlighted my favorite article from that issue.  Here is a list of July’s articles: Auburn’s Pass Rush for Defensive Tackles 10 Mistakes You’re Bound to Make at Pre-Season Practices Take What They Give You: The Veer Offense in Simplest Form… Read More

10 Pre-Season Practice Mistakes – AFM Article

I just read a great article in American Football Monthly by Mike Kuchar, 10 mistakes You’re Bound to Make at Pre-Season Practices.  The article outlines St Thomas’ Coach Glenn Caruso’s top 10 practice mistakes. Don’t practice in a sterile environment – Purpose, Urgency & Movement Don’t underestimate the importance of tempo by creating competition –… Read More

American Football Monthly June 08 Issue

I received my American Football Monthly June 2008 issue the other day.  The cover article is The Anatomy of Blocking Kicks.  A few of the other articles are Zone Blitzing The Spread Offense, Stifling the Screen Pass, Simplifying the Zone Blitz, Keep the Defense off Balance by Formation and Tempo and The Wildcat Spin; The… Read More