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Top Youth Football Defenses; Best Defenses vs Top Pee Wee Football Plays

The top youth football defenses video series is a comment on the 2012 article I wrote on  the Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football.  Over the next month or two I will be reviewing the top youth football plays from the article in a video series and then also reviewing the best defenses to stop those plays.  I am hoping to do one play each week and the defense to stop it.  I will be posting some summaries of the Defensive videos here.

#9 Defending the Crossbuck Counter

In this best youth football defense video, I review how to stop the #9 top youth football play from the article; the Split Wing 36 Crossbuck Counter.  I chose the 62 Wide Tackle as a good base defense to stop this play with a few adjustments into a stack blitz, C gap blitz from the 62 Tight Tackle shift and two other defenses one could choose; the 63 Hybrid and 70 Defense.  I also talk  about the iLBs taking a jab read step for teams with heavy misdirection teams.  Watch the video on defending the Crossbuck for more info.

top pee wee defenses

If you would like more on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook please go here.

#10 Defending the Pie 23 / 25 Power Lead Dive

One of my favorite and best youth football defenses is the 70 Defense.  I chose the 70 defense to defend the #10 play in the best youth football play; the Power I 23 /24 Power Lead Dive play.  I also highlight a few other defenses which one could use to defend this top youth football play like the 63 Hybrid, 65 Defense, and Gap 8 Defense.  You can review some of these in this video on my 62 Formations in my 62 Multi 8 Youth football defense playbook.

top youth football defenses

If you would like more on my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense Playbook please go here.

Stay tuned for more top youth football defenses to stop some of the the best pee wee football plays.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact me using the contact page.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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Every Defense has a Weakness

I have been receiving many emails about youth football defenses.  And many of the emails ask about specific weaknesses of the 6-2 and 7 Diamond Defenses.  Like most things in life, one size does not fit all. 

Every defense has a chink in its armour.  If the offense finds this weakness then you must adjust and do it quickly.  I learned my lesson last year against a really good Highlands Ranch Colorado team.  They ran to the C gap just about every play and beat us by one TD.  If I could have adjusted my defense, we would have won that game easily. 

So this year, I run the 6-2 Wide and 6-2 Tight Defenses as my base defenses.  If I have a team that runs wide and does not have a good power game, I start with the 6-2 Wide.  If the team has a good power game up the middle I run the 6-2 Tight with my Big D-Tackles over the B gaps.  From these two base defenses I have 20 stunts, blitzes and pass coverage calls.  I can attack just about any gap with these calls to adjust for my defensive weakness on a specific play. 

We beat a team the other day, and we then saw the coach scouting another game that we were also scouting.  We heard him say to another coaching staff that we played sandlot defense.  He commented that we were all over the field, and they did not know whom to block.  We shut his team down in the second half and they did not score.  I guess this is sand lot football.  Or better yet, smart football. 

Out of the two base defenses, I can adjust into multiple defenses.  And what’s amazing is that my 5th grade players can make these adjustments and remember all the hand signals.  Expect more and you will see the benefits.

So coaches, don’t settle on one defense.  You don’t run just one play on offense.  Find one or two good base defensive fronts and develop stunts and blitzes to overcome your potential weaknesses.

Good luck this season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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Youth Football Defenses

In my three years as a 7-10 year old Pee Wee football coach, I have experimented with several defenses recommended as youth football defenses.  Last year as a 4th grade team, we used variations of three popular defenses for different situations.  Our base defense was a 6-2 defense with various blitzes, stunts and line adjustments from the 6-2.  Our most effective blitzing defense is a version of the old Eagle 7 Defense which we called BK, named after the two players that made this defense successful for us.   If we knew a team was a passing team, we would move into a 5-3 Defense on passing downs.  Because successful passing at this age group is so rare, we play man to man coverage.  With my current defenses for this age group, I dare the offenses to beat me with the pass.

In my base 6-2 defense, I ran many blitzes out of this formation.  Safety blitz up the middle over the center gaps, single or double cornerback blitz, linebacker blitzes to various called gaps, and an all out blitz by everyone.  We also played zone if we wanted to read the offense.  See diagram below for 6-2 defense.

In the diagram, Diamonds are Cornerbacks & Safeties, Triangles are Lineman and Diamonds with lines are the Linebackers.

62 Wide Tackle Defense – Wide Tackle 6

The 62 Defense is a great youth football defense.

Our main Blitzing defense to stop sweeps was our Pirate BK Defense which is a version of the 70 Eagle Defense.  We moved the linebackers / blitzers around to a “Tango” outside blitz as shown below, to a “Maniac” double A gap blitz to “Double Whopper” double right / left outside blitz.  Depending on the blitz the DT or Corner would have contain responsibility.  The main play for this defense is the “Tango” blitz.   The LBs are suppose to run the sweep lanes and hunt the ball.  In practice, I have the two blitzing LBs run the sweep lanes and give each other a low five as they run past each other at the point where the QB would be standing in shotgun formation.  I tell the LBs that no one should touch them as they blitz.  Run around the blockers, juke the blockers, but DO NOT get tied up with a blocker on the Tango blitz.  This has been the most effective blitz for us.   It also works well for off-tackle plays, if you tell the LBs to take a shallow sweep lane.  Sometimes, we would move one the the safeties into a MLB position and go into a 7-1 if we needed more horsepower in the middle.

70 Youth Football Defense

70 Defense Youth Football Defense

Our base pass defense is the 5-3.  This defense works well for most situations, but for this age group it worked great for us as a passing defense, because most of the passes are within the reach of the linebackers.

5-3 Youth Football Defense

5-3 Youth Football Defense

 We did not blitz out of the 5-3 defense.  We read the defense and watch for passes.

One defense which I read about this last year and have been playing around with on paper is John T Reed’s GAM Defense, Gap Air Mirror.  I really like the GAP concept and the Mirroring concepts.  I will test this defense out this year, especially in goal line situations.  The GAM defense is a GAP 8 which most team play on goal line defenses.  It looks pretty interesting.

Gap 8 Defense – Great Pee Wee Defense for ages 5/6

The GAM / Gap 8 defense for youth football teams

This year, I am going to stick closer to my BK Defense and test out the GAM defense.  I will continue to use a 5-3 variation against successful passing offenses.  But, I doubt I will see many great 5th grade passing teams.  Maybe next year.

Here is a link to a great summary of defense; http://www.guidetocoachingsports.com/football_defenses.htm

Good luck this season.


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