youth football drills
Youth Football Drills

These Youth Football Drills are used in my pee wee football practices. Football Drill time in practice is the perfect time to teach your youth players the techniques needed to be a successful football player. Coaches should really have break out drill time for offensive lineman, running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, Defensive lineman, Linebackers, Corners, Safeties and Kickers. Drill time is the time to coach up the players not during the scrimmages or games. Also make sure to mix in fun youth football drills like Tackle Football Baseball; see below.

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Update 3/15/22 – I have started to organize my youth football drills by phases of the game; Offense, Defense, Special Teams, General, and Misc. Do you have a favorite drill? Would you like it included here? Send me a concept and maybe I will include it in a User section.

Check out this new Youth Football Drill

The Hot Pursuit Tackle Drills is a one of my favorite youth football drills with pads or without pads to end practice on. Our players request this drill along with the Texas Swing and Ultimate Football Drill the most. See more drills below.

Youth Football Drills – Offense

Below are my Offensive Youth Football Drills that I use in my actual practices. I can draw up a bunch of drills but these are the drills that have stuck with me over my 25 plus seasons coaching youth football. You can also check out my Everyday Drills that I use.

Texas Swing Drill

The Texas Swing Sweep / Open Field Blocking Drill is one of many youth football coaches favorite drills and mine too. An assistant coach introduced the Texas Swing to me many moons ago now. I named it the Texas Swing since both groups of players Swing into the middle of the action area to open field lead block and tackle. Great drill for offense and defense. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Fox and Rabbit Drill

The Fox Chase Rabbit to Hole Pee Wee Football Drill is an offensive football drill I learned from my HS Freshman football coach. Of course I have expanded on the drill in my version. In this drill the Fox will chase a stuttering Rabbit who has a hard time running into a busy hole. This teaches the RBs to hit the hole quickly and bounce to the ladder for touchdowns. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Running the Ladder

I came up with Running the Ladder Drill for RBs after watching so many of my young inexperienced running back running C gap and out plays cut back into the inside linebackers. This kills me every time I see these young running backs cut back right into the Mike linebacker’s arms. So I developed this drill to teach them to cut outside and get inside the numbers. Hit the link above for more.

Beast Tank Rushing Pod

The Beast Tank Rushing Pod RB Offensive Drill was developed by a friend of mine who was coaching his young son’s team and was running my Power Wing Beast Offense. He developed this drill to help his young Beast Backs hit the proper hole. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Pop Pass Drill

I came up with the Pop Pass Youth Football Drill about 20 years ago now and refined it into its current form. The youth players love to use this drill for Warm-ups. I like it too. It is a fun drill for all. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Running Back Gauntlet

Many of us veteran HS and College football players have run some version of the Running Back Gauntlet Drill. This is a great drill to teach running backs to protect the football. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Blocking Box Drill

The Hex Knockout Blocking Drill is one of those drills I found on the Internet way back in 2010. I use it now as a one of my fun football competition drills for my Offensive Linemen. I call it the Knight of the Hootchiekawdawa Box. Ya funny name and the boys love it. Visit the link above for more on the drill.

Blocking Pod

The Pull Blocking Pod is a drill that I came across about 10 years ago watching a Wing-T DVD on blocking. This is a great drill to get everyone involved on blocking, especially your running backs. Too many times the RBs are not integrated into blocking practice and the blocking pod is a great team blocking drill.

Offensive Line Drills

Go here are six youth football offensive lineman drills from the new OL Drills eBook. Many of you have seen my OLM Steps drill. I am sure many of you who played O-Line know the Board drill. We also go over blocking rules in our drill time too.

Youth Football Drills – Defense

Below are Defensive Football Drills.

  1. Tackle Football Baseball Drill – Best Drill
  2. Tee Time Tackling RB Drill
  3. Bingo Break Youth Football Drill
  4. Tackle Wheel Yoga Ball Tackling Circuit
  5. Greyhound Team Pursuit Drill
  6. Squash Tackle Football
  7. Contain Pod Tackling Drill
  8. Angle Tackling Drill
  9. Big Oklahoma Drill
  10. Tackling & Hug and Hold Drills
  11. Sprint Tackling Drills
  12. Linebacker Baseball Drill
  13. Tackling Gauntlet football drill

Out of the youth football drills above I use the Angle Tackling Drill or some version of it the most. The Big Oklahoma Drill we use as our half line type drill and videotape the drill many times to see who is the best DLM and LB. The Tee Time drill is used as a drill to find our aggressive RBs and Tacklers.

Maybe the most important Defensive drill on the list is the Contain pod drill. I use the Contain Pod drill to teach our defensive ends not to crash. This football drill simulates game situations.

Three good drills for rookie and beginner tacklers are the Tackling Gauntlet, Tackling Hug & Holds, Tackle Wheel / Yoga Ball Tackling Circuit. We also use the Seahawk tackling progression drills to introduce how to tackle; Knee Grab Roll, Breakdown Grab Roll, Slow Angle Tackle Grab Roll then Full Speed Angle Tackle Drill.

A Few fun competitive youth football drills are the Tackle Football Baseball, Bingo Break, Hot Pursuit from top of page and the Squash Tackle Football drill.

The Greyhound Pursuit drill is a good drill to get your team in shape on by running 3 to 5 at the end of practice. Much more fun than running 40s.

Youth Football Drills

Below are General Youth Football Drills.

Game Sim Drill

The Game Day Simulation Walk Thrus drill is a great drill to use the day before a game to get your team ready for the first few games. This drill especially useful for rookie inexperienced youth football teams or very young teams that need a ton of reps. We use it for about three games to get our players acclimated to how a football game works with sidelines, referees, coin toss, penalties, subs, wrist coaches, special teams etc. This is one of many youth football drills without pads a team can do on a pre-game practice day.

Youth Football Drills Special Teams

I will be adding more youth football drills for Special Teams as write my Special Teams playbook pdf. The Kicker Onside Kick Drill below is used pre-practice with our kick-off special teams kickers to practice kicking to our onside kick areas. The Yellow areas are usually open Zones on the kick return team. We will have him kick both right and left since we kick towards or sidelines.

Another good special teams drill and a one of the great youth football drills for conditioning is the Kickoff Lane Drill. This teaches the kickoff team to stay in their lanes at least 5 yards or so apart as they sprint downfield. Let the Kicker kick the ball deep or a coach and have a receiver to catch the football and run the ball back as the Kickoff team simulates their lane integrity. Of course this will be a touch drill with no blockers but you could add blockers and or bags for runners to avoid.

The other most use Special Teams youth football drills used is the Bowling for Onside Kicks Special Teams Kick -Return Drill on the next more page.

More Football Drills

For more youth football drills visit page 2 of football drills.

For more free youth football drills go to my YouTube channel here – football drill videos

Did you find your favorite youth football drills? Do you run any of the drills? If I left off your favorite drill let me know in the comments below or contact me. If I like your drill I may use it and draw it up.

If you have a youth football drill that you would like to share, please comment below or contact me.

Coach Parker