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Maybe one of the Best Single Wing Youth Football Playbook resources with 200 SW Power Plays and Passes can easily be prepared from the Single Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker eBook. This is Coach Parker’s new SW Offense formation eBook with over 200 Single Wing youth football plays and 350 total pages. There are 7 different Single Wing formations and of course some Beast Yale Single Wing too. But most important for Beast formation lovers, two new Beast formations and plays; Hydra and CAB.

The Single Wing Formation Youth Football Plays Selected by Coach Parker is a another Adobe PDF digital eBook in Coach Parker’s Selected Youth Football Plays series. The SW and its multiple variations is a powerful misdirection youth football formation with unstoppable running plays to use against little league defenses. Start developing your Single Wing Youth Football Playbook Now. Take a look inside the Single Wing Formation Selected Youth Football Plays eBook by Coach Parker.

  • Single Wing Offense Formation Youth Football Plays
  • 200 SW Power & Misdirection Plays
  • 7 Different Single Wing Formations
  • About 350 Total Pages
  • Adobe PDF Printable Digital Format
  • Look Inside the SW eBook
  • Fits into the Coach Parker Playbook System
  • 2 New Beast Formations – Hyrdra and CAB
  • Great resource to create Single Wing Youth Football Playbook
  • For immediate Download Now.

Single Wing Youth Football Playbook

Single Wing Formations / Tags

Here are a few of the formations and formations with tags. Starting off with the traditional UBSW or Unbalanced Single Wing Formation. There are around 30 UBSW run plays in the SW Formation eBook and about 190 total run plays and 40 pass plays from the various Single Wing formations in the eBook. A great resource for a Single Wing Youth Football Playbook.

The SW Plays ebook contains a variety of Single Wing Formation flavors. There are about 8 base formations and multitudes if you start including the tags and adjustments with the Beta Blockers with Beast Hydra and CAB. The formations below are UBSW, SEW, Swing & Tweak used in Orbit motion, Arrow and Spear used in Jet Motion, Hydra Beast, CAB and not shown the BOX single wing. Which formation do you run in your Single Wing Youth Football Playbook?

The Tweak formation is my Weak Wing Swing Single Wing formation. It is one of the key Orbit motion Spinner formation and plays that I have used both in the Single Wing and Double Wing. I love this formation, especially when you have a very fast TB that plays the WB in this Tweak SW formation. There are about 75 Spinner run plays in the SW Formation Selected Youth Football Plays eBook and a total over 200 SW plays. Do you run a Weak Wing tag or formation in your Single Wing Youth Football Playbook?

I am sure you have some of your favorite Single Wing plays. These are not your grandads traditional Single Wing plays. I did try to stay conventional with the UBSW but ventured of of the mold with with the other single wing formations and plays in the eBook. Similar to what I did with the Yale Single Wing in the Power Wing Beast Offense. Maybe this will spur on some ideas for your Single Wing Youth Football Playbook.

Here’s some more info from the new SW Offense eBook.

Purpose of Writing the Single Wing eBook

  • Develop more traditional Single Wing formation plays for youth football that are part of my Select Youth Football Play Series
  • Develop Single Wing Formation plays that will compliment my Power Wing Beast Offense Plays & Wildcat Multi Spread Plays
  • Adding Single Wing Formation plays that were successful for my youth Offenses over the last 20+ seasons
  • Adding Single Wing Formation Plays that were successful against my youth Defenses over the last 20 seasons
  • Adding Single Wing Formation Plays that I think will work in youth football
  • Creating more power offense plays for youth football players / Teams
  • A great offensive idea book for Single Wing Youth Football Playbook
  • This is my take on the traditional Single Wing UBSW that will fit into my Power Wing Beast Offense / Wildcat Multi Spread Systems
  • Developing the new Hydra Beast with Beta Blockers & Cake AlphaBeta Formations

Keys to Running SW Successfully

No matter which Single Wing Youth Football Playbook you use Blocking and Faking is critical to the SW Offense’s success.

Best Blocking O-Line in League

Blocking is the key to a consistent scoring offense in youth football. Too many youth football coaches try to find a fast tailback and win by running back talent alone. In the long run that skilled RB talent may quit, get hurt, let you down, and or not be the fastest running back in your league. You might end up with less talented RBs but a top tier offensive line. Like Defense, the Offensive Line wins football games and most importantly Championships.

If you want to win youth football games, focus on blocking. I personally love coaching the offensive linemen. Remember you get what you coach. If you do not coach how and who to block then well, do not yell at your players in the game to block better. I hear this from the sideline all the time; “Block Someone!”

Blocking by Running Backs too not just OL

  • The SW backfield is not about 1 great RB but All.
  • All must do their part equally; faking and Blocking!!!
  • All must take pride in Blocking just like the OLM.
  • All must practice Blocking every Practice just like OLM.
  • ALL must practice Lead, Trap, Kick Out, Open Field Blocks
  • All must Execute great Blocks in games.
  • All must believe Blocking is Winning not just great runs.

Blocking must be the most important offensive fundamental you practice each week. The running backs must also practice blocking. Too many times, the RBs never learn to block and or integrated into the blocking schemes. Make blocking a priority to be the best in your youth football league.

RB Fakes must be Perfect

  • RBs must take pride in carrying out Fakes
  • Fakes must be practiced & Coaches demand perfection
  • Fakes should be carried out 5 yards and then block
  • One Great Fake can equal 2 good blocks
  • SW is about misdirection so GREAT FAKES is a must!
  • RBs arms to cover empty space – look like football
  • Wave hands on fake pitches, Yell, etc
  • Great Fakes win more football games….

One great fake is worth 2 good blocks. Make sure to become a perfectionist when it comes to requiring your RBs to fake.

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Do you run the Single Wing Formation or interested in SW Offense plays for youth football? What youth football offense do you use for your pee wee football team? Is there an offensive formation you would like me to draw up for another youth football plays ebook in pdf? Do you want to create your own Single Wing youth football playbook? Let me know.

Let me know How I can help.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the Single Wing Formation for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook. I hope this inspired you to update or create your Single Wing Youth Football Playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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