Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook For Youth Football

The Single Wing Beast Offense is the core offensive formation that I build my Power Wing Beast Offensive System around.  The Single Wing Beast is based on an early Single Wing formation run by Yale in the 1920’s.  

I started running the Beast formation in 1994 after seeing it in Football Play simulator PC software.  I ran several Beast play simulations and knew this was my answer to my stagnate pee wee offense.  There are 8 base Beast Offense plays and they work great!

The off-tackle power dive is the base play in the Single Wing Beast Offense. The Beast play “Tank” diagram is below. The power running play is similar to a flying wedge and a trap. This play has served me well since 1994 as a short yardage play and a play if I need 5 yards tough yards.

If you have a great running fullback or a hefty tailback that likes to run in traffic the Single Wing Offense is one you should consider.

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Single Wing Beast Offense

I run the Single Wing Beast Offense with three base formation variations; Tight, Wide, and Jumbo.  There are three other variations to the Single Wing Beast; Middle, Wall and Bunch. I usually call Beast Tight just “Beast” or “Ape”, Beast Wide is “Worm” and Beast Double Wide is “Jumbo.” Sometimes I will use “Beast” for shotgun Beast Tight and “Ape” for under center Beast Tight.

You can run all of these formations out of Shotgun or Short Gun and or Under Center. Depending on age, experience, QB / Center exchange efficiency I will choose a snap set.

The Single Wing Beast Tight formation is my bread and butter power running formation. There are four base plays I like to run out of the Beast Tight formation; Tank or Power 16, Grenade or 12 Blast, Honey Badger or 10 Gut Wedge and Popeye or Backdoor TE Pop Pass. If you read my blog or coached against me, you know the Beast Tank is one of my favorite plays. Find out more on my Base 8 Single Wing Beast Offense plays.

The Single Wing Beast Tight Right Power 16 Tank play is one of my favorite plays and a top play to run in your pee wee football offense.  The Beast formation puts 7 players on the play side of the football usually out manning the defensive front.  The offensive line track blocks at a very tight angle inside and the running backs basically carry out trap blocks on the inside linebacker, DE/OLB and corner back.  

The Beast running back must stay inside hugging the o-line similar to a flying wedge and burst out threw the middle of the 3 and 4 backs trap blocks.  We usually average 5 yards a carry on this play every season we run the Beast Tank play.  Yes, it is that good.

If you decide to run the Single Wing Beast formation, you must work with your offensive linemen and emphasize blocking.  This is not a gimmick offense.  The Beast is simple but with very important parts to it and blocking is very key.  

They other important key in this Beast offense is to make sure your Beast back is good at running in traffic.  Beast backs that want to always bounce outside do not make good Beast running backs.

Single Wing Beast Video

Here is some scrimmage footage of the Single Wing Beast in action.

More Single Wing Beast Offense game video.  This is mostly the Beast Tight formation.

If you would like more information on the Singe Wing Beast formation check out all my free youth football coaching videos and or purchase my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.

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