Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook V2

The Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook is Coach Parker’s multiple formation offensive system based on the Yale Single Wing Beast, Double Wing, Power I, Hybrid Unbalanced Single Wing, Off-Set I and Diamond formations. Coach Parker developed the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook proven and successful offensive system over the last 15 years in very competitive Colorado and Texas pee wee tackle football little leagues for ages 5 to 12 years old. Coach Parker has been running the Beast Offense since 1994.

Update July 27, 2023 – PWBO Version 2.7252023 was released today. All V1 customers should check their email for an updated download link.

The Power Wing Beast Offense is an unstoppable youth football offense.

Check out actual game highlights of the Power Wing Beast Offense Base 8 Plays.

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Multiple Formation Offense

Each Offensive Formation in the Power Wing Beast Offensive (PWBO) system has its 4 to 8 base plays to attack youth football defenses.  The PWBO System allows youth football coaches the flexibility to run one formation or multiple offensive formations based on age and or experience talent level of their pee wee football players. Take a look at the Beast Base 8 Plays; Beast Tank, Beast Wedge, Beast Popeye Pass, Worm Sweep, Beast Spread Jumbo Option Pass.

Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook Formations
  • Single Wing Beast
  • Double Wing / WT Hybrid
  • Power I
  • Hybrid SW
  • Off Set I
  • Diamond / Pistol

All of these formations are proven little league offensive formations and proven at the high school level too.  They are based on power running with play action passing mixed in to keep youth football defenses honest.  The PWBO also has a few other formations outside of its core formation for teams that might want to pass more.  But the Power Wing Beast Offense is a power running offense and passing offensive system second.  The run game rules in youth football especially at ages 10 and under.

Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook

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What are Coaches saying about the Power Wing Beast Offense?

This (Fall 2021) season we had all 3 of our teams (9u, 11u, 13u) make the playoffs and brought home 2 Championships (9u and 13u). Our offense was based off PWBO and we pretty much dominated the league. My 13u coach was also a first time head coach. Thanks for all your help and keep up the great work! I am the president of (an Elite football program in Michigan.) We are a new organization started in 2018 and I’m also a first year head coach.

First year using the PWBO system and it was a success! 2017 NJFL Champions.  Thank you. In one of the toughest divisions in the state.

Quick update coach, we won our Super Bowl 12-0 in freezing rain! Our defense was dominant and a lot of our huge plays came from your Beast formation plays. Thanks again! 

I was able to beat the defending champions twice this year by studying your defense. Also the teams in our league was not able to stop the Beast and Trig packages of my offense. We scored 32 points a game and gave up only 4 points a game. We won 36-0 this past Monday in the Championship game. We ended this season 7-0.

We ran the Beast offense for a first time last week during a game. By the third quarter our Wildcat or QB1 had over 240 yards rushing.  I was not a Believer at first now I am.

Crammed beast down their throats, opening drive 60 yards 9.5 minutes touchdown. Lost 22-14 due to our defense not stopping the sweep. Had 3 fumbles rotating kids. Strong XXX team flipped their best kids to the beast side and still couldn’t stop it.  Beast works, had a couple chances to win it. Just lost the turn over battle.

Just wanted to say your beast offense is the real deal. I ran the base 8 plays today against a bigger, faster team and they couldnt touch it. Tank was gaining 6 plus yards a carry. Just wanted to say you’ve made a believer out of me!

Beast Offense! We played our first regular season game yesterday. We have the youngest and smallest team in the league and played the 2x defending champions yesterday (coached by former Ohio State football players). We won 28-22 in double OT!!! 

I love the beast!! We ran 2 plays 90% of the time against an older more experienced team and pretty much dominated them with this offense!!!

35-0 last week and 14-0 this week scoring all points from Beast. Against a much larger team this week also.

Biggest D line in the league and we beat them 14-0. Held the ball 32 minutes of a 40 minute game with beast

Power Wing Beast Offense Game Footage

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What do you think about the Power Wing Offense Playbook? Have you seen the Beast in action at your youth football league. Remember the PWBO playbook has more formations that just the Beast. It is a multiple youth football offense. If you are looking for more traditional offensive formation check out my Selected Youth Football Play eBooks series which has DW, SW, WT, I, Power I , T Diamond, Pistol and more.

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Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas