Gift Ideas for Youth Football Coaches 2017

Power Wing Beast Offense PlaybookIf you are looking for a last minute gift idea for a youth football coach, then take a look at my digital download youth football playbooks.  You can use coupon code “xmas17” and save 25% at checkout. Most of my digital download playbooks are under $20 if you use the coupon at checkout.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone.  Have a great holiday and 2018.

The Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football is a proven youth football offensive system complete with power running plays, misdirection, sweeps, and play action passing from multiple formations not just the Single Wing Beast.  The playbook has over 60 detailed plays; 25 Beast plays and 35 other plays from Power I, I Wing, Double Wing and Diamond formations.  The offense is gridiron battle tested and Super Bowl ready.  It can be very simple and as sophisticated as you need it to be to give your team the winning edge in every game.  Check it out today.  For more info on the PWBO visit here….

Save 25% Use Coupon Code xmas17

Parker’s Pirate 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense is a complete defensive package for any pee wee football team through 7th grade.  The system is based on the tried and true 62 Wide Tackle Defense and transforms into 8 other core defensive schemes.  This chameleon feature of the defense is the foundation of the defensive strategy.  One defensive front / scheme will not be effective throughout the season.  Teams must address today’s multiple offenses and sophisticated plays.  My system is very simple and I outline how to install the system.  For more info on the Pirate 62 Multi 8 Defense visit here.

You can also head over to view my partner stores and find all the gear in my coaching bags and the coaching books I read.  I also have items that I use at home and in my home office.  By using these links and buying products you help support me in my efforts to bring more youth football coaching tips to all.  Check out

I hope you guys have a great holiday season.  Merry Christmas from the Parker family.

Coach Parker



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Youth Football Playbooks on Sale

Since it is Black Friday, you can get my youth football playbooks on sale for 20% off until Monday 11/27/17.  You must use Coupon Code black1720 at checkout and save.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on your off-season reading materials for the Holidays.

Beast Offense Savings 20% Black Friday

The Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for Youth Football (PWBO) has over 60 youth football plays.  Yes, there are about 30 Beast Offense plays but what many do not realize is that there are about 30 plays of various other formations like the Off-Set I, Power I, and a Double Wing / Flexbone type formation.  All of these pee wee football plays are proven plays that I have used over the last 20 plus season coaching tackle youth football in North Texas and Denver, Colorado.    The PWBO is a complete youth football multi formation offensive system that is set up to grow with your team as they age and gain experience.  So if you are a new team this playbook will work for you and if you coach a very experienced Select football team this playbook will add some wrinkles to your play calling strategy.  If you have been wondering about the Beast Single Wing Offense and what everyone is talking about, then now is the time to purchase the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.

The Parker’s Pirate 62 Multi 8 Defense for youth football (62×8) is a complete defensive system for your youth football team.  It is based on the very well known Wide Tackle 62 and its other 62 defensive formation variations.  The 62×8 defensive playbook is 300 pages of defensive formations, player profiles, how to’s, drills and blitz calls.  The 62×8 Defense was developed over the last 20 plus tackle seasons and has served me well.  Many seasons our Defense has multiple shut outs, top 3 in Division for Defense and helped me attain an almost perfect record of achieving the playoffs each season that I have coached. Offense looks great for the fans but Defense wins Championships.  If your Defense is sound and the opposing Offense does not score, well then you will never lose.  Check out the 62 Multi 8 Defense while its on sale this weekend.

Also, I just got in the printed copies of the playbooks just in time for the holidays.  So you can purchase the Digital eBook Instant Download or the actual physical copy of the books.  Or get both.  🙂  Check the out today here at my youth football playbook store.

Happy Holidays,
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas



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Spread Offense – Spread Formation Football Book Review

Spread Formation Football Book Review

TCu Spread Book

Spread Offense Book - Dutch MeyerI just finished reading maybe the best Spread Offense book; Spread Formation Football by Coach LR “Dutch Meyer published in 1952.  Coach Meyer was the Head football coach at TCU in the 30s, 40’s and 50’s.  He and his staff created the original Spread Offense used today.  You can read his bio to the right.

The Spread Formation Football book outlines why the Spread Offense works and how it was effective for TCU.  Coach Dutch reviews the two base Spread formations; Basic and Normal.  Basic is a double to one side and trips to the other.  Normal moves the FB below the TB and looks like a traditional Double Double Spread.  What is interesting about this first form of Spread is that what we think of a Quarterback was really the Tailback.  The first Spread formations were what we call in the modern era Wildcat since a “true modern” QB is not used in this early variation of the Spread Offense.

Spread Formations from TCU Spread

Spread Formation Football Coach Meyer TCU

The TCU Spread Offense was a running offense but with equal parts of passing.  “The spread tailback must be a passer. As observed before, the threat of the overhead attack must be constant if the Spread attack is to operate effectively.” writes Coach Dutch in his section on the Tailback position.  The TCU Spread evolved from the wide Double Wing Offense into the Triple Wing into a passing triple and double wing.  The TCU Spread was not an Air Raid but lays the foundation for the upcoming passing revolution in modern football.

I have run variations of the Spread Formation a few youth football seasons over the last 24 seasons, when I had the right talent and skills to do it successfully.  I’ve run a Wide Double Wing in the Spin / Double Wing variation I call Speed and the Beast Jumbo is a overloaded Triple Wing Spread formation.  These Spread like formations have been effective for my youth football Offenses when I had tier 1 Speed at TB and or Wings and a very good shotgun Center.  I was not able to run Spread effectively without Speed and a great consistent Center.

In the book, Coach Meyer talks about the player profiles needed to effectively operate his TCU Spread.  First, the Tailback (Modern QB) must be rugged, fast, intelligent and a good passer.  He says the TB is the “soul” off the Offense.  Basically the TB is a stud because he  wants the TB to be a “natural runner” and a passer.  So you need a Sammy Baugh / Dak Prescott in your backfield to run the Spread effectively.  And I tend to agree.  Your QB / TB position must be a tier 1 stud to really run the Spread Offense.  He must pass and run like a man child if you want to run the Spread in youth football and for that matter in HS.

Spread Offense - TCU Spread Book

I was surprised to find out his Guards must be top linemen with serious speed to pull outside for sweeps.  “On them will depend the success or failure of almost every operation” say Coach Dutch.  He says he wants Guards that can MOVE and THINK.  Speed over strength in the Guard positions.

The FB must also be a pretty good runner for the Spread to work.  The FB is going to carry the short yardage plays.  Your Center must be a stud because sometimes he will pull.  His snaps must be perfect and know how to long snap, medium snap and short snap to the FB either Left or Right.  The Slots or Wings can be average but must be good receivers.  Tackles are basically regular tackles and the Ends must be able to block in the open field and catch the football.

The book goes over many run and passing plays from the TCU Spread against a 5 or 6 man front, which is great for youth football coaches since youth football coaches will see these fronts.  He also reviews the umbrella secondaries common for the TCU Spread at the time.

I loved the theory and strategy of the Spread Formation Football book  I think it outlines exactly what I have been saying you need to run the Spread effectively.  You must have a passing threat  to run the Spread effectively.  Just lining up in the Spread does not mean you have a passing threat.  I’ve watched a ton of youth, middle and high school football games, and the teams should never run a Spread formation the whole game since they did not have a stud QB, great pulling guard, stud FB or anyone that could catch.  There was no passing threat, so those offenses were shut down immediately by Defenses that did not respect the Spread.  I have also faced stud Spread QBs and receivers that shredded me and others for an entire season.  I have also shredded teams with my Spread when I had the talent.

Like Coach Meyer says in his final chapter, “The Spread Formation is no panacea. Football is still football and the team with the best and most skillful manpower will still have the advantage no matter what style of attack is used. As we say in the Southwest, you will have to “have the hosses” to win the race.”

If you are interested in the Spread Offense or trying to defend against the Spread Offense I recommend this book.  I enjoyed the book and the theory of the TCU Spread.  I will be using some of the info both on Defense and Offense.  The book is a little pricey since its out of publication.  I found mine on Amazon for $95.  Spread Formation Football by Coach Dutch Meyer, 1952.

Here’s a winning Extra Point from last Spring.  Enjoy

If you have read the book or run the Spread, I would love to hear your thought below in the comments.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Fort Worth, TX



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Playing Multiple Sports but not During Same Season

Arvada Pirates Youth Football Team

Arvada Pirates 2006

I am so surprised each season, when parents come up to our coaching staff and explain why their child will not make practice for half the season and miss some games because they are playing another sport which overlaps with our Football season. The parent will let us know that when they signed up their child they were taking a chance and knew this might happen but want us to help them work through the issue as their child misses more than one third practices and games to focus on another Sport. This is the last thing a coach of any Sport wants to hear; “My child will miss practice.” We hate hearing that sentence come out of any parent’s mouth. Your child learns how to play the Sport during Practice not during the game.

I am a big believer in playing multiple sports if the seasons do not overlap by more than a few weeks as one sport winds down their season. I played Football for 10 years as a young athlete and multiple other sports like Baseball, Swimming, Basketball and Racquetball during Pee Wee, Middle School and High School. I know my Football coaches were not very happy with me when I played Basketball my Freshman year in HS during the football off-season but my 40-time improved the next season. My 40 time really improved as I started to play Tournament Racquetball while in High School. In College, I wound up playing Racquetball and Handball for Club Teams.

Most student athletes will not play professional sports. So, making a 10-year-old, only play Baseball or Soccer for 12 months is a little overkill. Plus, there have been so many arm injuries lately that I am not sold on year-round Baseball. I am not trying to give Baseball a bad rap, but playing any sport 12 months out of the year is too much in my opinion. Yes, I coach Football in the Fall and Spring, but I do not get mad at players that want to play Basketball and Baseball in those traditional seasons and Football in the Fall. As a matter of fact, I think it’s good for them to play multiple sports.

I also think young athletes should try multiple sports to see what they like best not just what their parents like. My youngest son took off a football season when he was 9 to play Select Soccer. After that season, he decided to focus on Football even after I tried to get him to continue to play Soccer in the Football off-seasons. He loved Football more and wanted to stick with Football. He now runs Cross Country in High School after playing Football and Weight Lifting his Freshman year.

What is frustrating to Coaches and myself about our players participating in multiple sports are players that play multiple sports at the same time during a season. I completely agree that young athletes should play multiple sports but not one or two sports during the same season especially if one or both sports is a Select sport which requires massive amount of practice and travel time. Playing two Sports during the same season is unfair to both teams. A player cannot focus on two sports and give 110% to each. It just doesn’t work that way.

When a parent signs up their child to play two sports during the same season, you are hurting both Teams not just your child. Your decision to play two sports has effected about 30 to 40 other children not just your child. Parents need to understand that being selfish does not work in Team sports. Team sports require Teamwork and missing practices and games does not benefit the Team only your child.

I agree playing multiple sports is a great way to have fun and cross train. I did it and my two sons did it. Just do not play two or more sports in the same season and expect your child to play more than a few plays on my Teams if they consistently miss practices and games. If the Team cannot count on you as a teammate then you are not part of the Team.

How do you feel about this subject? Would love to hear from Coaches and Parents.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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