Coaching Offensive Line in youth football is probably one of the most important coaching roles on a youth football coaching staff.  Pee Wee linemen need a ton of repetitions to learn how to block effectively and understand blocking rules for each play.  I’ve learned over the years, to expect more from your linemen than your running backs.  There are usually more linemen on a youth football team than skill players and the heart of your team is the big dogs.

Here are some youth football coaching resources to help you coach your offensive line.

Offensive Line Practice Plans

Successful coaching starts with great organization.  Start out with a great practice plan for your O-Line.

O-line 90 Minute Practice Plan

Offensive Line Techniques

Coaching offensive line techniques is critical for your o-lines overall success. Technique can beat poorly coached youth football linemen.  Focus your time teaching blocking fundamentals.

Blocking Fundamentals in Youth Football



Blocking Rules for Offensive Line

Coaching the offensive line is not just about how to block but also who to block and that is why you need some form of simple youth football blocking rules.  There are a few out there that are used a ton coaching pee wee lineman, like GOD, iON, GOL, SAB, etc.  Its not just about inside or outside Zone blocking in youth football that’s left to the pro’s.


Simple Rule Blocking

Don’t forget the linemen. Coaching is not just about the “skill players”.  Shoot the most important man on the team is a lineman; The Center. Many times in youth football the head coach will coach the offensive line.  I know I do many times.  I feel the heart and soul of the team is in the trenches with the big boys. Many times the smartest football players on the team are on the offensive line. Become a better pee wee football coach and develop your offensive line fundamentals and skills.