Coaching youth football offense is not taking your high school football offensive playbook and installing those plays for 8 year old players to run like you did in High School varsity football. Before you can determine your main offense, you must know what player talent your team will recruit, draft and assign to your team. Knowing your youth football roster, experience, skill level, ages, athletic talent and football IQ will assist you in determining the best youth football offense to run for that season’s roster.

If your youth quarterback cannot throw the football accurately more than 7 yards and your roster lacks anyone one with hands that would result in a completion percentage greater than 50% then a passing Air Raid Spread offense probably will not result in many wins that season. Just as an FYI, most high percentage winning youth football coaches will run a power running offensive formation as their main formation since passing in youth football, especially at the younger ages is very difficult.

Most teams can run a single wing or a double wing variation because it works on the line for scrimmage overload principle placing more players at the point of attack then most other offenses. Many youth football teams run the I formation and its different variations; power i and off-set I. Wishbone, Split Backs and Wing T are also very popular youth football offenses to teach your pee wee football players.

To be very honest I install my single wing Beast variation almost every season as our power series.  I also will install a few I Formation plays because they are very simple to install and understand.  From there I will determine if I can run a Spin, Spread, Double Wing, Wing T offense.  I really want to get a feel for the talent on the team before I settle on anything complicated.  Each year you must evaluate your passing, catching, speed and football intelligence of your players.  DO NOT assume this will be easy.  I’ve assumed before and been very wrong.

How to Choose a Youth Football Offense

During the off-season you should plan a few possible offenses.  Not just one.  Over the last 6 seasons, I have been multiple in my approach to both my youth offenses and defenses.  If you think multiple, you can easily match your talent to two out of four schemes you are interested in running.  The youth offenses I like are Beast Single Wing, Spin Spread, Double Wing, and Wing T.  I am currently reviewing the Power I and inverted Wishbone because we have a stud power Tailback that will be returning this season and these offenses will highlight his abilities.

As a 2020 update to this youth football offense page, I published my Power Wing Beast Offense youth football playbook which is a multiple offensive system based on the Beast Yale Singe Wing formation and also has youth football offense plays from the off-set I, diamond formation, double wing spin formation, Notre Dame Box Single Wing, and a power I variant I call Pie. This youth football playbook has served me well over the last 30 youth football seasons. Below are some other very popular pee wee football offenses.

Popular Youth Football Offenses

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Thank you for visiting my youth football blog.  I am sure you are looking to increase your football knowledge so you can build a winning organization.  Remember, your offensive player talent will determine your offense.  Don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole.  I’ve tried a few times and it does not work.

Youth Football Offense Plays – QB Pitching the Football

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