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9 responses to “Forum

  1. Please send links of other forums, so we can list them here.

  2. van morrow

    This is a pretty good forum too!

  3. always good seeing football kicking and football punting articles. I have a good forum for kickers and punters-

  4. Sam Womble

    This is my second year coaching 10 and 11 year old players, and every year I end up with one or two players that are scared to hit. Are there any drills or coaching techniques that might help these players overcome thier fear?

  5. I am a firt year freshmen peewee football coach, I have 11 to 13 boys that play on my team. We have mostly 11 boy’s that show up on game day…I am looking for help with a nine man team play’s for both offence and defence play’s. Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated. We had our first scrimage against a team with 3 string’s this thursday. We held our own but our boy’s have a weak defence hole that needs to be fixed? Any suggestions? Thank you coach cheek Atlanta peewee football.

  6. Al

    Quick question:

    I need advice, in our upcoming game we are facing an offensive formation where the QB, RB and FB all squat close to the center and they run their offense from this set up. My question is any tips or advice on how to defend. The ball is not always snapped to the same person and their offensive line is good size. (this is a 9 year old tackle league)



  7. Kent

    Gap 8 or 46 gambler-Cant lose…. Gap 8 website:

  8. Bubba

    My son plays on a Pee Wee Mighty Might team. Tonight they played against a team whose defense is a bear crawl. Can you explain to me why any coach would spend time teaching boys to play football by crawling on his hand hands and knees instead of having a D line that is based on blocking and tackling. Besides looking like idiots, aren’t these boys missing out on learning the basics of football defense?

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