Coaching youth football is all about planning, organization and communication.   Before the season starts you must plan, communicate and organize  your coaching staff, playbooks, practice plans, scouting, recruiting, drafting, players and most importantly the parents.  Sure, some coaches get lucky with star studded teams and do very little planning and for that matter coaching and win the Super Bowl.  But you are not that coach are you?  I am not that coach.  For me pre-season planning, organization and communication  has become almost as enjoyable as the actual season on the gridiron.

Since you have found my blog, you like me, are interested in building a winning organization.  I started studying the game back in 2005 and I can truly say now in 2013 after 4 straight season Super Bowl appearances and 3 SB Wins I understand what it takes to win as an organization.  Yes, you can win as a team for a season, but can you continue to be the best in your league for the long haul; 3 seasons or more?

I currently coach for KYA Football in Keller Texas.  In 2011 I coached Spring Sophomore Oilers KYA Super Bowl Champions with a record of 6-3 and the undefeated Fall Sophomore Falcons KYA Super Bowl Champions.  In 2012 I coached the Spring Junior Bobcats KYA Super Bowl runner-ups with a 7-3 record and the undefeated Fall Junior Razorbacks KYA Super Bowl Champions.  In the Spring of 2013 I will coach the Senior War Hawks team with Coach Whit Green.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will find what you need.  If you do not email me or leave me a comment.  Below are a few of my favorite coaching websites.  Good luck this season.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft Worth Texas / DFW

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  1. Coach,
    This past season I stepped up to help coach my son’s football team. We are a small town so most the sports besides little league are run through our Rec Department. All the teams that we have to play are bigger then us and their towns have the money to put on these great programs. We are the only team in the league that plays 3,4, and 5 graders for the JV team. The rest of the teams are 4th and 5th graders. Next year I am gonna step up to be the Head Coach for the JV team and am looking for some pointers. One thing I want to do is try and put together a free summer mini-camp to help kids learn the basics of tackling, blocking, how to take a hand off and throwing the ball. The reason for doing this free is because the economy is rough here and I feel all kids should be able to participate and learn the great game. I am thinking about asking the high school coach for some help with it and maybe getting some of the HS players to help. I feel that these young kids seeing the HS players will help motivate them. The kids that I coached this past year had huge hearts and played the season with out a single win. Every team that plays us thinks this is that team we always crush and I want to get rid of that and make it hey here is that team that came to play. Our last game was against a team of BIG 5th graders and like I said before we had 3,4, and 5th graders. I told them that if they won the game they could pie me in the face at our banquet. We played one hell of a game and lost by 4 points to a team that was bigger faster and was suppose to crush us. At the banquet I told the parents of this little challenge I issued the players. These boys played their butts off and never gave up and to me that was a win in my book. so needless to say out came the whip cream pies and well 15 pies in the face later there were smiles all over the place. with that being said I want to know how to put on a mini camp with drill that teach the basics so that way when the season starts we can focus on plays instead of how to tackle.

    Coach Joe
    1st yr Coach

  2. Great articles . Enjoy the topics . Keep up the great work ! Youve Inspired one more coach Ty : )

  3. Hey coach parker . My son mason grew up playing throigh kya, then went select. He is going into 8th grade this next year. I am looking for a private coach to work with my son. He plays offensive line and also some defensive line. Read your article i thought u may know someone

  4. Good Evening,

    I am going into my first year as head coach for a 12u team here in Benbrook, Texas. Finding a staff seems to be the toughest thing for me this off season. But I think I have managed to put together a good staff based on their experience and most importantly love for the kids. Our team has been together since the kids were 6 years old for the most part. Like any team we should be adding new players to the current and chemistry will have to be developed. I’m working on my plays and formation now so that I may go into conditioning camp and first day of practice with staff in place, plays drawn up, formations, and a philosophy in place. I want to establish discipline first so that my coaching can be a bit easier when we get to learning the plays and assignments. I am needing feedback on what I should setup or run throughout the practices. I’m of the thought that to many drills are useless. I would rather run drills (tackling form, stance, blocking, QB & center exchange, and pursuit) for the first 20 minutes. Then work on plays and formation for offense. After that work on defense formations and setup. If we scrimmage each other I would like my defense setting up the way that weeks opponent will be setting up and on offense run similar plays at the defense that they will see that weekend. What do you think? Any feedback or criticism is welcomed as I want to make sure I’m prepared to put these kids in the best situation to have fun, learn the game, and win some games of the oppurtunity presents itself. Thanks for your time.

    Eric Hernandez

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