Coaching youth football is all about planning, organization and communication.  Before the season starts you must plan, communicate and organize your coaching staff, playbooks, practice plans, scouting, recruiting, drafting, players and most importantly the parents.  Sure, some coaches get lucky with star studded teams and do very little planning and for that matter coaching and still win the Super Bowls.  But you are not that coach are you?  I am not that coach.  For me, pre-season planning, organization and communication has become almost as enjoyable as the actual youth football season on the Spring and Fall gridirons.

Since you found my blog, like me, you are interested in building a winning youth football organization.  I started studying the youth football game back in 2005. I can truly say, in 2013 after 4 straight season Super Bowl appearances and 3 SB Wins, I understood what it took to win as a youth football coach.  Yes, you can get lucky with a talented roster and have a winning season, but can you and your organization become the best in your league for the long haul; not just one Cinderella one hit wonder season.

Ask Yourself, Why do You Want to Coach Youth Football?

  • Thankless Volunteer Role and everyone thinks you get paid the big bucks
  • Unpaid Multiple Headaches – wife, kids, parents, league officials, boss it never ends
  • Parents Complaining all the Time – why don’t you do this or that, you have no heart!
  • Players not Learning Assignments because they want to be at home playing League of Legends
  • No One Shows Up for Practice because it sprinkled three drops 6 hours ago
  • There is always one or two players late for games and this season its your Center, he’s playing lacrosse too
  • Team Mom Hates you because her son is not a starter and she knows better than you do how good her son really is
  • Your Assistant Coach wants to run an Air Raid Offense because his son is QB
  • Your Wife is Mad that Your Not Home Enough so she is redoing the kitchen and bathrooms at $35k
  • Your Boss Does Not Understand Why You Are Leaving Early on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Your Back is pulled out and everyone keeps looking at you to demo the drill on your best bear crawl

About Coach Parker’s Coaching Youth Football Tenure

After the 2019 Fall pee wee football tackle season, I stepped down from coaching at KYA Sports / Football in Keller Texas. After 10 years at KYA, I decided to hang up my “full time” cleats. In a season or two, I may be persuaded to coach a position for a few games or weeks, but right now, I feel like stepping down after 30 youth football seasons isn’t so bad to focus on family.

I started coaching back in 1994 at Plano Sports Authority, then at the YMCA, Rocky Mountain Flag Football, Arvada Youth Football Assoc., KYA Select Football, Texas School of Football, Texas Elite 7on7 and a long tenure at KYA Sports Recreation Football or KYA Football. My youth football coaching experience was amazing. I coached with some amazing coaches. Coached some pretty amazing young men and met some great parents and a few not so wonderful, but hey I am no Huckleberry.

In 2011 I coached Spring Sophomore Oilers KYA Super Bowl Champions with a record of 6-3 and the undefeated Fall Sophomore Falcons KYA Super Bowl Champions.  In 2012 I coached the Spring Junior Bobcats KYA Super Bowl runner-ups with a 7-3 record and the undefeated Fall Junior Razorbacks KYA Super Bowl Champions.  In the Spring of 2013 I will coach the Senior War Hawks team with Coach Whit Green.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will find what you need.  If you do not email me or leave me a comment.  Below are a few of my favorite coaching websites.  Good luck this season.

Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft Worth Texas / DFW

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Coach Parker coaching youth football after a game in Denver, CO

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Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas / Keller TX

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