Beast Monkey Formation – Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook v2

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Beast Monkey Formation

The Beast Monkey Formation was one of my original 1994 Loud Rowdy Monkey Beast Offense formations before I wrote the 2017 Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook. Seeing the Philadelphia Eagle Jalen Rose run a similar formation on his QB sneaks got me thinking I should add a series of Monkey Plays to the upcoming v2 of the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook.

Below is the Beast Monkey vs what a traditional Diamond T might look like. You can see Monkey backs are very tight to the offensive line and to the QB. This is definitely a short yardage QB sneak or Wedge type formation. But like the other Beast plays, once you have the Defense committed to stop the QB wedge you can open up other Surprise plays.

Beast Monkey Formation

Beast Monkey Formation Plays

Below are some Beast Monkey formation plays that I am working on for the upcoming version 2 Power Wing Beast Offense playbook for youth football. Let me know what you think.

I love the Wedge possibilities from this formation. Then once the Defense starts biting on the Wedge open up the this tight diamond T formation to other plays. Quick pop passes should really work great and moving the 2TB to maybe a WR and or motion back opens up interesting looks. Boot option pass also would be a great play. Stay tuned as for the upcoming v2 PWBO playbook. Should be out by August 1.

What are your favorite Power Wing Beast Offense youth football plays?  Do you like the Beast Monkey Formation and upcoming plays?

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