Top Double Wing Plays 4 Fullback Counter Plays

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Here a some top Double Wing Plays; 4 Fullback Counter Plays from several DW variations. I’ve run these FB counter plays from all the below DW formations. I love this simple Double Wing FB counter play opposite motioning WB. For many years this was one of our top 5 Double Wing plays. These plays come from my Power Wing Beast Offense playbook and my Double Wing Selected Plays ebook.

Double Wing Plays / The Fullback Counter Play

Speed Double Wing Formation Fullback counter play from the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook. The FB Counter is one of my favorite youth football double wing plays. The WB motion is great eye candy for youth football defensive players.

In the Speed Double Wing formation the Wingbacks are wider than the traditional DT DW formation. The WBs also might be a tad deeper too depending on the play and motion you are running.

The key to this simple FB counter play is the motioning WB, spin action by the QB and the FB receiving a direct snap from the Center. Many youth football defenses will be focused on the motioning WB and the FB hits the hole quickly. This FB counter is the first counter and then hit them with the WB counter which the FB leads through the hole. All of these DW counter plays are easier once you set up the Orbit motion WB Sweep play.

Here is a game video of the Double Wing FB Counter; Speed 3MO 43 Direct Counter to the FB. This play was for a touchdown. These are 10/11U players.

If you like these Double Wing Plays, then check out my Power Wing Beast Offense playbook and my Double Wing Selected Youth Football Plays ebook. The bundle below is a great way to save.

This is the DW FB counter play from the traditional Double Tight Double Wing formation popularized by Don Markham and Jerry Vallotton. This is a great quick hitting FB counter dive play. Great play once the LBs key the motion back. Great for a quick 3 yards or maybe even a long gainer.

The Deuce or DUC formation is my Speed formation under Center. I also use unbalanced offensive line quite a bit in this Double Wing formation variation. Again running under center is great when you do not have a consistent shotgun snap from your youth Center. In this DW formation play I tagged a TUFF blocking call which puts the two big tackles at the hole call. This Tuff calls work great if your backside blockers are weaker.

Here is a nice 2×1 Spread Double Wing Fullback Counter play. This DW Spread variation gives the youth defense a new looks but running the same play. Just split out the X TE and move into a shotgun if your are not already in a shotgun. FB will receive the direct snap and all other backfield action for the Sweep play.

What are your favorite Double Wing Counter Plays for youth football?  Did my Fullback Double Wing Counter plays pique your interest in the Double Wing? If you liked the plays check out the DW / PWBO bundle below.

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