3-5-3 Defense Youth Football Multiple Coverage Stack Defense

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3-5-3 youth football defense

3-5-3 Defense Youth Football is an interesting multiple coverage stack Defense that is great against passing Spread Offenses. Recently a youth football coach in my Facebook forums ask me about the 3-5-3 Defense Youth Football and to “Coach Parker it” for youth football. So, Here are my first thoughts on the 3-5-3 Defense for Youth Football. Part 1, Stayed tuned for more.

I have used this 353 Defense in the past against older youth football 11/12U Spread Offensive Teams. We moved from a Multi 62 using the 33 Stack and moved into a 5-3 then 52 Monster and then into the 3-5-3 against 2×2 Spread passing teams. This multi 30 3-5-3 front worked really well for us as a Defensive passing package and I love it as a 33 Stack stunt blitz package. We have had trouble about 50% of the time with the 33 Stack at younger ages because they were not aggressive enough to blitz.

In the past I’ve been hesitant to talk about our 3-5-3 schemes because in my opinion they are more difficult for youth players to learn. But if you have a high football IQ, experienced travel / select youth football team with a ton of speed and 3 monster defensive linemen, great open field tacklers, then this 3-5-3 Defense can be FUN.

3-5-3 defense youth football scheme diagram

3-5-3 Defense Youth Football

What do I like about the 3-5-3 Defense?

  • Multiple Front Alignments / Great Hybrid Defense
  • Great Against Spread
  • Stunts for Defensive Linemen
  • Blitz Packages for the Linebackers
  • Hard to Block by Offenses
  • Man & Zone Coverages for Secondary
  • Strong Pass Defense
  • Strong Running Defense using 6 to 8 fronts
  • Simple to Sophisticated based on Installs
  • Good for youth teams with few DLM
  • Great for Select / Travel and Older experienced Youth Football Teams

Here are some issues using the 3-5-3 in Youth Football

  • Many Coaches in my research said its a package in their overall Defense
  • Coaches said they use this 3-5-3 because they do not have big DLM
  • It has issues with outside Sweep / Option Plays
  • Weak against short yardage power plays and goal line only 3 DLM
  • 3-5-3 Defense must have great aggressive linebackers
  • 3-5-3 Defense needs great open field tacklers
  • The 3 DLM need to be great and NG is better if a stud player
  • Tight Ends sometimes break free
  • Many coaches want a huge Nose Guard with great feet to play 2 gap
  • Speed and reading keys is very important in this Defense
  • If your players are not aggressive and do not like to blitz it does not work
  • A ton of movement in the multiple scheme for Youth Football players

Overall, for older players in Jr High and High School, I would highly recommend this Defense in its multiple front form especially against passing teams. You could easily move from a 5-3 or 5-2 Defense into this 3-5-3, shoot even from the 6-2 which I’ve done at 12U with a highly experienced team to win a Super Bowl against a Spread 2×2 / Pistol team. Many coaches say the 3-5-3 is a high risk and high reward Defense. If you like to blitz and play aggressive then the 3-5-3 Defense youth football might work for your youth football team.

Do you like the 3-5-3 Defense Youth football? What youth football Defense to you run or like? What are your favorite blitz packages and coverages for youth football defenses?

Let me know your favorite youth football Defense, I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below or find me on Twitter. I am hanging out more and more on Twitter. Come on over and say hello.

Contact me anytime. I love to talk coaching youth football.

Remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Good Luck this Season,
Coach Parker
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